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Kansas City Pocket Watch

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The Kansas City Railroad Pocket watch is a piece of history commemorates the Old West in all it s glory. It remembers the time when known bandit Jessie James robbed the Kansas City Train. This collector’s item is also authenticated by the American Historic Society.

The Claim

The Kansas City Railroad Pocket watch was owned by the conductor of the train that bandit Jessie James robbed decades ago. The robber returned it so that the people may remember that time in history. Now you can own a piece of history that commemorates the Old West. The Kansas City Watch is a round silver tone bezel with a silver chain that is a replica of the conductor’s watch. This product is intricately cut in the front and back to reveal its skeleton movement. The American Historic Society authenticates this product and collector’s item. The Kansas City Watch is sure to make a statement wherever it’s worn.

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The cost of Kansas City Pocket Watch is $29.99 plus $7.99 shipping for a total price of $37.98.
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What is the Kansas City Pocket Watch?

Any one who loves the west and loves to collect watches would always be on the lookout for a good piece of artifact that they could keep with them to remind them about life in the past. The culture of the west is best seen in the kind of watches they carried with them. The Kansas City Pocket Watch is one such amazing collectible that anyone would love to keep in his or her pocket.

How does it work?

The Kansas City Pocket Watch works just a way any other watch would, however, the design and historical value of this watch is unmatchable. This is an antique style watch that can be carried around anywhere or kept to adorn a beautiful study. The dials and the hands of this watch are beautifully designed to radiate the culture and the life of the west.


The features of the Kansas City Pocket Watch are as follows:

· Round in Shape

· Silver Tone Bezel

· Antique Styled

· Precision Technology Used

· Authenticity Certificate

· Collectable

· Cut Masterpiece

This antique looking watch is definitely a collectable that can be used by anyone. The Kansas City Pocket Watch reminds people to cherish the west and the brilliant history that comes with it.


Any dad would love the Kansas City Pocket Watch as a gift. This watch is one of the best gifts that a man can be given on a birthday or anniversary. The intricate design that adorns this timepiece is as brilliant as any expensive watches that are available in the market. Women can wear the Kansas City Pocket Watch as a style element when they dress for a formal occasion around their necks.


Predominantly, the Kansas City Pocket Watch is used as a design element. However, there are many people who still prefer to proudly use artifacts that are old and have some history attached to it. The Kansas City Pocket Watch can be used to tell time or just sit at a desk or just as a memorable.

Positive Aspects

The design of the Kansas City Pocket Watch is very exquisite and anyone who owns this watch is sure to fall in love with the design. The magnificent cut of the dial shows the user the little wheels and the springs that are found behind the face of the clock thus giving it an even better value. The precision that us used in the Kansas City Pocket Watch is the same as the best watches around the world. There is even a certificate of authenticity that is provided with the Kansas City Pocket Watch.

Save Money

There are several historic artifacts that are very difficult to afford. The Kansas City Pocket Watch is a wonderful reminder of western culture and comes at a cost that anyone can afford to buy and cherish as well. The entire silver finish of the Kansas City Pocket Watch is so rich that it can pass off as original silver and costs as little as $29.99 only.

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