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The Vitagy Jet Fryer is a quick and healthy cooker that gives you the satisfying flavor of fried food without the fat from cooking in oils, butters, and grease. It uses a vortex of hot air to evenly cook foods all the way through, without submerging the food in hot fat. The system rotates food 360 degrees to insure no burned tops or undercooked bottoms. The fryer basket allows any oils from your food to drip away when you lift the food out. Clean up is a breeze without messy oils and grease. With the Jet Fryer, healthy and tasty food is just a fews steps away.

The Claim

The Jet Fryer immediately starts cooking your favorite foods without extra time spent preheating oils or the oven. Foods cooked in this fryer has 75% less fat than deep fried foods. It is the quickest, healthiest, and cleanest way to cook flavorful food. Eating food cooked without added fats will reduce your risk of heart disease, help control your cholesterol levels, and lower your chance of developing diabetes. The fryer includes a non-stick pan and see-through top, so you can watch your food cook. You can clean it in the dishwasher and never have to worry about the disposal of leftover oil and grease.



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The cost of Jet Fryer is $129.99 plus $29.99 shipping, for a total price of $159.98.
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What is it?

Jet Fryer is a revolutionary cooking system that fries foods to perfection without all the fat, grease, oil, or butter. Now users can enjoy their favorite fried foods without all the artery-clogging cholesterol that typical fryers provide. Jet Fryer has endless possibilities for fried foods and is the perfect addition to any kitchen, household, or big family. It fries food with up to 75% less fat than deep fried food and reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and more.

How does it work?

Jet Fryer’s secret to success is the jet-hot rapid air vortex technology. The vortex actually encases the food much like a deep fryer submerges food. It then spins the food at 360 degrees to guarantee an even temperature that delivers a crispy outside and locks the natural juices and flavors inside. Jet Fryer is based on air, which penetrates deep inside the food to cook evenly and perfectly throughout. And oil and grease will magically drip away, because the system is contained inside a fry basket that is easily lifted out to remove excess fat and grease. Jet Fryer is the healthiest, quickest, and cleanest cooker available on the market.

Why buy it?

Now anyone can enjoy their favorite fried foods without having to worry about consuming tons of calories and clogging up their arteries. Jet Fryer fries dozens of foods to perfection without the added unhealthy ingredients so that families can feel good about what they are eating. Both parents and children will love Jet Fryer. It’s the perfect addition to any homeowner’s kitchen, because the possibilities for meals are endless. Some of the food options that the Jet Fryer has to offer are game day chicken, chicken cordon bleu, hand cut fries, crispy onion rings, fried veggies, fresh seafood, and even desserts! And it’s incredibly easy to use; just requires a few simple steps and delicious, perfectly cooked food will be ready in no time.


  • The benefits that Jet Fryer has to offer every household are endless. Here are just a few notable benefits to mention:
  • Easy to use, just requires a few simple steps
  • Food is cooked to perfection without all the added fat, grease, and oil that traditional deep fryers create
  • Dozens of food possibilities
  • Quickest, easiest, and healthiest cooker available on the market
  • Fries food with up to 75% less fat
  • No preheating ovens
  • Reduces risk of heart disease, diabetes, and more
  • Allows users to enjoy their favorite fried foods without worrying about calories, clogging arteries, cholesterol, or weight gain


Jet Fryer is the best and most efficient way to enjoy delicious fried and flavorful foods without all the calories and cholesterol. It virtually eliminates the fat, oil, and grease that typical deep fryers use to fry foods. Every family could greatly benefit from the Jet Fryer because the food possibilities with this amazing all-in-one cooker are endless. It’s even dishwasher safe so users can cook all they want with it and wash it afterwards. Every household should own the incredible Jet Fryer! 

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