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Instant 2020 is the world’s first adjustable glasses designed with a dial-in options for perfect vision anytime, anywhere and under any circumstance. It’s an affordable back-up pair that will let you see clearly instantly.

The Claim

The Instant 2020 infomercial claims that Instant 2020 is the first adjustable eye glasses every made designed for users who can’t see clearly without their prescription glasses. If you’re always misplacing your glasses, what you need is Instant 2020 as a back-up pair. The product will allow you to see clearly in any situation because of its dial-in feature that you can easily adjust for each eye. It is believed to correct 90% of spherical errors and will suit both near and far-sighted users. Do not wait until you lose your contact lenses or break your eye glasses. Keep Instant 2020 at home for emergencies or bring it anywhere whether you’re in vacation, sporting events or in the theater. Keep one in your car for easy access. You can get Instant 2020 without any prescription needed and it will not cost you hundreds of dollars. It is the most affordable solution ever and a perfect alternative when you can’t find your eye glasses nearby.



Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Instant 2020 is $29.99 plus $9.99 shipping for a total price of $39.98.
Product Score: 604 / 171 = 3.5

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What is it?

Instant 20/20 is the instant solution to getting 20/20 vision when glasses or contacts are misplaced or broken or users are waiting for a new prescription. They’re the world’s first adjustable glasses and use a dialing method for each eye to get the perfect vision. Instant 20/20 are an amazing value and are available WITHOUT a prescription!

How they work  

The Instant 20/20 glasses are two lenses (one on top of the other) that work independently and are 100% adjustable. Since many people don’t have the same vision in each eye, the lenses on the Instant 20/20 eyewear can be separately adjusted. Although they are not prescription eyeglasses, they correct 90% of spherical errors.

How to use Instant 20/20

To start enjoying the incredible power of Instant 20/20, it is recommended that they are adjusted in the same manner that optometrists practice. Cover one eye while focusing on the near and far, then adjust the setting on the temple to the sharpest vision. Just like any other eyeglasses, Instant 20/20 may take a bit of time to get used to. They should NOT be used while driving and they do not correct astigmatism.

Why buy Instant 20/20?

Anyone who has less than perfect or poor vision knows how inconvenient it can be when their glasses or contacts are broken, misplaced, or outdated. And what makes it even worse is when the eye doctor’s office isn’t open or new glasses are just too expensive. Thankfully, Instant 20/20 can be an instant and perfect solution to receiving 20/20 vision! They’re always around when they are needed, and they can be used at any time. Users can easily adjust each lens to their vision just by twisting a dial and in just seconds the world will be as clear as ever. They are safe and reliable and can work for anyone.


The benefits that Instant 20/20 has to offer are endless! Here are just a few notable ones:

  • All it takes is a twist of a dial to get the perfect vision
  • They can be a temporary replacement for misplaced, damaged, or broken glasses or contacts
  • Instant 20/20 can work for anyone of any age and even used by those who wear bifocals
  • They don’t require a prescription
  • Unlike readers, each lens can be separately adjusted independently of each other for the best vision results
  • They’re ready-to-wear and only require a simple adjust of the dial on the temple
  • Users can completely depend on Instant 20/20 until they are able to purchase prescription glasses or contacts


Instant 20/20 is the simplest, fastest, and most effective solution for perfect vision whenever glasses or contacts are not readily available. They can be used while lounging around the house, watching the game, or watching TV. They’re easy to adjust and in just seconds users can see the world clearly and as it was meant to be seen. Instant 20/20 is the only instant solution for misplaced, broken, or unaffordable glasses or contacts! They’re an amazing value as well. There is no reason not to purchase the Instant 20/20 adjustable glasses today!

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Bonnie Jolibois - (MONTGOMERY, TX)
Reviewed on: 07 Jul 2013
I Recommend Buying it!



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