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Hurricane Scrubber

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Hurricane Spin Scrubber is a power scrubber that spins away soap scum effortlessly. It just has to be rinsed clean after. This cordless mop takes roughly 30 seconds to clean a standard shower and just seconds to spin scrub handles and faucets clean. The Hurricane Spin Scrubber has an extension piece and multiple brush heads. This allow consumers to clean out rings in a shower or bathtub without having to get in the tub or shower and run the risk of getting wet.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Hurricane Scrubber is $39.99 plus $9.99 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Hurricane Scrubber by paying the extra shipping fee of $19.99 for a total price of $69.97.
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Positive Points

  • Soaks up Liquid

    This mop soaks up liquid very well, so it does help to mitigate an overflow of mess while cleaning. It can work as advertised so long as it does not break or leak. Many satisfied customers have stated that it took two or three rounds of returns before they received one which didn’t do the aforementioned. At this point, the brush functioned just fine.

Negative Points

  • Bad Customer Service

    The parent company for the mop is Telebrands. This manufacturer has received negative customer service reviews for nearly all products including this one. That said, there are competitive alternatives which have better customer service.

  • Flimsy Handle

    The mop handle is flimsy and will break if consumers put too much pressure on it. So using it to clean a hard to reach or difficult stain naturally requires more pressure on a normal mop, but not this one. When consumers apply more pressure, it breaks. On that note, the handle is short, so without the extension, the Hurricane Spinner is not very comfortable to use.

  • Poor Durability

    One of the biggest problems is the durability. There is a foot lever which operates the spinner, so while it is cordless, it is not as simple to operate as it seems. Online there is a wide report of leaks where the foot lever attaches to the bucket. Additionally, the idea that people who suffer from arthritis will benefit from the extension is not entirely true. Any area that is cleaned, like all competing spinner brushes, will need to be rinsed after. That said, cleaning something like a shower or sink is easily rinsed by taking the brush and cleaning something like the bottom of a toilet is less easily rinsed after.

How It Works

The Hurricane Spin Scrubber rotates 300 times per minute, so it removes things like rust or hardened water instantly. There are no harmful chemicals used, instead tackling hard stains with power. It boasts flexible bristles to reach into cracks and crevices. There is a pop on extension pole for free which doubles the reach.


  • Buying Online

    The official website is not the only place to buy, and alternative sources are less expensive. On the official website it charges just shy of forty dollars plus an additional thirteen for shipping. This only gives you one mop head ( not all of the ones they offer ), one bucket, and a lint removing brush. There are other websites like Amazon which provide this same product for much cheaper with free shipping.

    Anyone who wants to order this mop would be better off doing so from another website, not the official one.

    The official site offers a thirty day warranty period during which time the product can be returned. However, to do this consumers won’t get back the original shipping and handling yet are liable for yet another round of shipping charges. This brings the total cost wasted to twenty five dollars, and consumers still in need of a decent mop.

    Thankfully, there are other spin mops which have the same functionality but perform much better.


  1. Doesn't Reduce Cleaning Time

    It can be used indoors or outdoors which means it can clean virtually any hard to reach surface from a safe and dry distance. The company claims that it reduces cleaning time, but it doesn’t necessarily. If used as advertised, this particular product will certainly do better than a traditional mop but its spinning mop head is quite small. This small size means that cleaning a large area, such as a large shower or bathtub, is quite time consuming. The water collected in the mop head has be released periodically which can increase cleaning time too.


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Kelli - (Dallas, TX)
Posted: 18 Sep 2016
I have something to say!

The reviews are all for the mop, not the price. It would be nice if people paid better attention.

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