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Hurri Clean

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Hurri Clean is a powder-based solution that you can use to clean your toilet's tank and bowl without touching any part of the toilet besides its handle. Once you dump it into your tank, it'll get to work eliminating any bacteria, molds, and mildews that are present, and after you flush, it'll do the same for your bowl. In each set of Hurri Clean powder, you'll get a year's supply of the solution, and you'll be able to obtain two whole sets at once.

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The cost of Hurri Clean is $10.00 plus $6.95 shipping, for a total price of $16.95.
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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Open Packet

    In all sets of Hurri Clean, you'll find 12 packets ( a year's supply ). For your first use, just tear off the top of one of the packets in order to open it.

  2. Pour Into Tank

    Next, remove the lid from your toilet tank and dump the entire open packet's contents into said tank.

  3. Watch and Wait

    After you've dumped your packet into your tank, all you'll need to do is watch and wait for a few minutes while the solution foams and swirls around the tank, cleaning the entire thing.

  4. Flush (optional)

    If you need to clean your toilet's bowl along with your tank, simply flush the toilet once in order to transfer some of your Hurri Clean solution from the tank to the bowl. The solution will not only remove dirt from this area, but facilitate a more effective flush with a fuller flow of water.

  5. Replace Tank's Lid

    Once you're done cleaning your toilet for the day, plop the lid back on your tank and use your toilet as you normally would. The cleaning solution may stay in your toilet's system for a while, but will not cause any harm.

How It Works

Once you've added this solution to your toilet's tank, its millions of scrubbing bubbles will circulate through the tank in a cyclonic manner, destroying bacteria, molds, mildews and dirt as they do so. If you flush your toilet, these bubbles will then shoot through your water jets, eliminating any mineral deposits and thereby opening the jets up for optimum water flow. The solution's bubbles will also swirl through your toilet's bowl, cleaning and sanitizing it in minutes. Hence, the Hurri Clean process, in its entirety, will provide you with a cleaner, better-functioning toilet.


  • Works Quickly

    Hurri Clean will start foaming seconds after it's been poured into a toilet, and the solution is capable of cleaning an entire toilet in minutes.

  • Safe on Septic Systems

    This solution won't cause any damage to your septic system or any of your toilet's parts, and it's free of both chlorine and phosphates.

  • Odor Free

    While some cleaning solutions have a strong chemical smell or an added fragrance that may seem too strong to some noses, Hurri Clean has no odor. Therefore, you won't need to put up with a smell you may not particularly like while you're cleaning or as you use the toilet afterward.

Positive Points

  • Invented by Plumber

    Hurri Clean was invented by a plumber who presumably has a lot of experience with cleaning and fixing toilets, making it more likely to work well than a solution created by someone with no experience.

  • Weekly Use Not Required

    In order to see results, you'll only have to use Hurri Clean once per month, so the two sets of 12 packets each that you'll get will last you up to two years. Of course, if you're cleaning more than one toilet with the solution, you'll use your supply up faster.

Critical Advice

Don't assume that if your toilet is really dirty, using two packets of Hurri Clean will clean it more effectively. It's always best to pour in only one packet at once, as two could foam up too much and make your tank overflow.


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Carol - (Milford, NH)
Posted: 19 Oct 2016
I have something to say!

I can't give this product a review because it's been on backorder since October 1st. Not happy.

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22 Oct 2016

Mine has been on backorder since 9 / 12 / 16!

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