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Helping Hand 911

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Helping Hand 911 is a personal safety device and service that provides the full-time ability to summon help from any location. The calling device comes in the form of a large pendant that features a bright red hand with 911 written in white. Pressing this easily located area will instantly connect customers with a 911 operator who can send them assistance. Service is completely free after the one time purchase fee, which includes the access device.

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How It Works

The Helping Hand 911 system takes advantage of advances in wireless technology to provide a direct line to help anytime and anywhere. A speaker and microphone are integrated into the summoning device, allowing anyone in distress to clearly describe their situation to an emergency operator so that the most efficient form of assistance can be initiated. Through a movement called Independence America, the providers of this service can offer customers continuous access to 911 for no additional monthly fees. This is possible because companies no longer have to hire their own workers to provide monitoring services. Instead, they can directly rout the call from the summoning device to the appropriate 911 message center. When the connection is active, those carrying the device need only to press on the easily identifiable red hand. They will be immediately connected to an operator who will take the appropriate actions based on the customer's condition and communications.


  • Updated Technology

    Many people remember the frequently aired commercials that promoted similar products decades ago. They often included a large base system that only worked under certain circumstances and required a significant monthly payment for continued access. Helping Hand 911 is several evolutionary steps ahead of the antiquated technology that powered these old devices. This is clearly evident by the relatively compact size of the calling pendant, which is the only piece of hardware necessary to use the service.

  • Freedom of Movement

    One of the most depressing things commonly seen in those old monitored assistance service commercials was the repeated visuals of seniors being virtually trapped at home. The old technology had very limited range, and users would be lucky to be able to enjoy their own yards while staying safely connected. With this service's use of modern wireless communications, seniors and anyone else who may benefit from this device can do so anywhere at any time.

  • Placement Options

    The device used to communicate with the Helping Hand 911 service is designed to be hung from the neck with an included lanyard for easy access and visual identification. It is also packaged with a belt-clip accessory that provides an additional choice of location based on preference or necessity ( as would be the case for those with certain mobility impairments ).


The infomercial for this service starts by reminding viewers of the old stereotypes associated with such devices, like a lack of range and clunky base stations. Large subscription fees are also identified as a common characteristic of the previous generation. Helping Hand 911 is introduced as the modern solution to these problems. Its benefits are highlighted, like the lack of a base station and unlimited range. The advertisers then identify the Independence America movement as the factor that enables their service to be offered without a monthly fee. Testimonials are provided along with dramatizations of distressed customers using the system to speak with 911 operators during various emergencies.

Easy to Use

  1. Wear the Pendant

    As long as the communication pendant is worn or at least keep on hand by the customer, they will always have access to help.

  2. Press the Button

    If a situation occurs where the customer needs medical help or similar assistance, they can immediately connect to a 911 operator by pressing against the red hand symbol on the front of the communications device.


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Audrey Hall - (Merriam, KS)
Posted: 27 May 2016
I have something to say!

When you say that the product will work once it's activated. Does this mean activation through a phone service. I am having difficulty understand how the product will work, even after reading the description.

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