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Handi Holder

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Handi Holder is a handy cell phone or tablet holding device. Designed with super strong magnets, you can use this device to mount to a flat surface or a car vent. In doing so you can then easily connect any phone or tablet device directly to the unit and move it any which way thanks to the 360 degree pivoting mount. With added safety, this mounting technique lets you use the device anywhere, at home or on the go.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Handi Holder is $19.99 plus $5.95 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Handi Holder by paying the extra shipping fee of $5.95 for a total price of $31.89.
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  • Lots of Suction

    The Handi Holder is a magnetic mount that holds phones and tablets in place in the car. They keep your device securely where you need it. You get the suction cup, vent mounts, and metal plates of various sizes and shapes.

  • Easy Installation

    There are two easy installation mounts. You get the suction cup mount and the handy vent mount.

  • Universal Design

    You can enjoy a universal design which works with all smartphones and cell phones.

  • Phones or Tablets

    This is perfect for phones but strong enough to hold onto a tablet.

  • Pivoting Mount

    There is a 360 degree pivoting head so you can turn the device to view anywhere you want.

  • Magnetic Hold

    The secure magnetic hold and the suction cup will hold everything in place, but release easily as needed.

  • Mounts to Flat Surfaces

    You can mount the suction cup on any flat, hard, and smooth surface.

  • No Tools Required

    Easy installation without tools or permanent modifications to your car.


  • Increased Safety

    Today far too many people are relying upon their phones or tablets while on the road. These people are either looking at the phones or tablets for directions, alleviating the need for GPS, or they are reading directions / addresses from a text or email.

    In any case, most people have nowhere to mount their devices. So, instead they end up seated in a cup holder or lap, where drivers are regularly looking down at them rather than looking at the road. For drivers, this presents a huge concern, as it does for passengers too. With this new mounting device, that concern exists no longer.

  • Many Uses

    It is convenient to use in the car, to put up at the office, or to use around the house. For example: while in the car you can set it up in front of a passenger seat so that children can watch a show while you drive.

    Alternatively you can set it up slightly out of view so that incoming calls are not missed when linked to a Bluetooth or internal car device. Music can be played directly from a device, and then pivoted out of the way when the music has been set, turned back when changes need to be made.

    If you are at home, you can mount it to a flat counter top while you cook so that you can read a recipe hands-free. You can mount it to a flat desk or table surface while doing household chores or even mount it to a flat screen on a treadmill to monitor your progress.

  • Check on Children

    You can position it by affixing it to a vent and then turn on the camera to watch children you have in the back seat. This makes it easier for you to continually check and see what is going on without having to turn all the way around.

How It Works

This unit has an adhesive backed, slim metallic plate. These plates secure directly to the phone or phone case. Then the phone is instantly movable, thanks to the magnetic head 360 degree mount. These magnets are allegedly super strong, rare-earth magnets that are more secure than other magnets.


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