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Grassology is a specialty seed blend which is intended to cut down the maintenance of any lawn. It causes the roots of grass to grow four times deeper, which means it gathers more nutrients and water from underground rather than depending on the property owner to water it and cut it on a consistent basis. The seed blend is intended to formulate the grass to a dwarf height, which will require less mowing and fertilizing from the user. Grassology was awarded a patent from the US and has been featured on CBS, ABC, Fox News, Turf, CNN, Popular Science, and This Old House.

The Claim

Grassology is a breakthrough and patented seed blend that causes less maintenance for any lawn. It causes the grass roots to grow up to four times deeper, which gathers its own water and nutrients rather than needing to be watered and fertilized by the user. Grassology produces a gorgeous, maintenance-free lawn. It’s even resilient against weeds, insects, and disease! Now there will be less mowing, no more constant weeding, lower water bills, and no more continuous fertilizing of the lawn. Grassology was even given a US patent and has been featured on many stations such as CNN, the Boston Globe, ABC, and more.



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What is Grassology?

People spend a lot of time and money making sure that their lawn is well looked after and looks its best. There is a lot of money that goes into the upkeep of lawn in terms of water, fertilizers and electricity as well. As a result the lawn has to be maintained every week if it has to look its best. Grassology is the revolutionary new grass seeds that can be used to make your lawn look beautiful with soft grass without making you work to water it, mow it, fertilize it or even weed it.

How does It Work?

Grassology is made of patented grass seeds that do not grow tall and are dwarf grass. The Grassology grass has roots that go deep into the soil and finds its own water and nutrients, which means that there is no need to water the Grassology grass as you would with normal grass. Since the grass is also dwarf, there is no need to mow the lawn. The Grassology grass is planted during spring or fall time and after the seeds germinate and the grass grows, it can be enjoyed by all.


  • Native Grass Seeds 
  • No Need of Watering 
  • No Need of Mowing 
  • No Need of Weeding 
  • No Need of Fertilizing 
  • Easy to Grow 
  • Soft Grass 


Grassology can be used to replace old patchy lawns or even develop a new lawn. If there are patches that need touch up in an existing lawn, Grassology grass seeds can be used. Grassology grass is perfect for kids to play in, as there are no fertilizers required in their upkeep. The plants are also useful when there is little time you can spend on mowing the lawn.


If you don’t have time to mow the lawn or if you are worried about spending extra money on electricity and water bills for a lawn, then there is no need to worry about it anymore as Grassology is there. Grassology makes sure that anyone can enjoy a beautiful lawn without having to worry about mowing, fertilizing or even weeding. Grassology grass has roots that go deep into the soil, which means that it does not require any watering, or providing of nutrition for. The grass is also resistant to any diseases and insects, which make it perfect for people who do not have much time or money to spend on their lawn.

Easy to Use

Grassology is easy to use and needs to be planted during spring or fall. The seeds are distributed in a concentration of 15-20 seeds for every inch to provide for a proper lawn. The grass is easy to maintain and does not need to be mowed. The Grassology grass is dwarf grass and does not grow tall. The Grassology grass is also completely resistant to any insects or diseases so there is no need for pesticides, which makes it safe for kids to play on.

Save Time and Money

People who do not have too much of time to spend on their lawn can opt to use Grassology for their lawns. The grass is just perfect to look at as well as to enjoy. The money that can be saved by using Grassology is also huge. There is no wastage of water, electricity or spending money on fertilizers and laborers for the upkeep of the lawn.

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