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Grass Shot

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Grass Shot is liquid grass seed that you can use to cover all the dead spots on your lawn, giving you a lush, thick carpet of green grass. Using it is similar to watering the lawn, as you'll simply need to attach a bottle of it to your garden hose and turn the bottle's jet nozzle on. When you aim your hose at a patch of dead grass, the seed will spray out of the Grass Shot bottle as a foam, and instantly turn the brown spot green again. One bottle of this substance contains enough foaming liquid to cover 100 square feet of grass.

The Claim

When you use Grass Shot, you can quickly attain a healthy-looking green lawn without manually seeding or fertilizing, or trying to conceal dead spots by raking healthy grass over them. Once you spray the problem areas of your lawn with this green foam, grass of a desirable green shade will begin to grow rapidly in these places. It's ideal for use around trees and in areas that have been frequently walked or run across by people or pets. While ordinary grass seed often blows away, making it necessary that you apply it more than once, the foaming seed that comes out of your Grass Shot bottle will stick firmly to the ground.

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How It Works

Grass Shot works in accordance with the principles of hydroseeding technology, which professional seeders have used for years to create attractive commercial landscapes. Once you've attached your bottle to a garden hose and have turned on the bottle's jet nozzle, this nozzle will mix fertilizer, grass seed, and hydro-mulch unique to Grass Shot's formula together into foam. After the foam has been created, it will shoot out your hose in a way similar to the seed used within the professionals' seeding hoses.


  • Contains Fertilizer

    Each bottle of Grass Shot contains fertilizer as one of the core ingredients, so you won't need to fertilize your lawn manually or use a wheeled spreader to do so.

  • Sprays on Thick

    Due to the size and power of Grass Shot's jet nozzle, you'll be able to spray a thick layer of the substance on any patch of dead grass.

  • Works Quickly

    When you use Grass Shot, you'll be able to cover most problem areas on your lawn with the green foam in seconds. After you've sprayed it on, grass will begin to grow quickly in these spots, too.

Positive Points

  • Won't Blow Away

    Grass Shot's foaming formula gives it superior sticking power, so it won't blow away in the wind like ordinary grass seed often does.

  • Kids and Pets Can Run Free

    You may be tempted to keep kids, their toys, and active pets off certain areas of your lawn so they won't trample and kill the grass there. However, since replacing dead grass with Grass Shot is such a quick process, you won't need to be as worried about this, and can let kids and pets play where they want to without stressing.

  • Involves Non-strenuous Labor

    You don't need to be at a high fitness level to successfully spray your lawn with Grass Shot, and you're unlikely to feel extremely fatigued after doing so. Your hose and jet nozzle will do most of the work for you, so all you'll need to do is walk around while squeezing the nozzle with one hand.

Negative Points

  • Could Make a Mess

    If your Grass Shot ends up spilling, or you accidentally aim it in the wrong direction, it could make a mess of your clothing and the objects that surround you. Since Grass Shot is so foamy, it may be more difficult to wipe it up than it would be to sweep up some loose grass seed.

  • Not Ideal for Large Lawns

    Every bottle of Grass Shot contains enough of the substance to cover 100 square feet of a particular lawn. That means users with extra-large lawns may need to use more than a couple of bottles per season, if their lawns contain a fair amount of dead grass.


  • Manual Seeding and Fertilizing

    You can spread both grass seed and fertilizer with your hands, but you'll need to rake the seed and fertilizer into the soil afterward. Even after you do so, there'll still be a chance that it might blow away ( and therefore go to waste ). Plus, this process will be time-consuming.

  • Using Seed Spreader

    A wheeled seed spreader will also spread your seed and fertilizer, but this will take almost as much time as manually spreading it does. With this method, you'll still need to rake, and you won't eliminate the risk of the seed and fertilizer blowing away, either.

  • Hiring Professional Landscaper

    A professional landscaper can make your lawn look nice and healthy, but you'll need to have the financial resources to hire one of these professionals, and the time to consult with them.


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Annette - (Parkville, MO)
Reviewed on: 24 Aug 2016
I Regret Buying it!

This product it is horrible, does not work, very unsatisfied, very disappointed.

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Frank - (Waco, TX)
Posted: 09 Aug 2015
I have a Question

Can this product be sprayed over existing weeds?

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Barbarapitetti - (Voorhees, NJ)
Posted: 30 Jul 2015
I have something to say!

Can I use Grass Shot in July & August.

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