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Gogo Pillow Reviews

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Go Go Pillow is the latest sleek and luxurious multi-function pillow that allows you to hold your different-sized tablets and smartphones while using them. This product also folds up into a travel pillow that allows you to feel ease and coziness.

The Claim

We all love gadgets! Tablets and smart phones are great but trying to use them while you’re in the car, while cooking or plainly when you’re moving tends to become such a hassle. Allow the latest Go Go Pillow to help you! This plush, comfortable and multi-function pillow holds your tablet anytime anywhere. This Gogo pillow lets you use your tablets hands on or even hands off! The sleek and comfortable original multi-slot design secures your smartphones and tablets no matter what size they may be. No need to worry about your tablets or smartphones from falling down for it locks down your gadget. You can enjoy your tablet in the car, on your bed and even on your couch. The Go Go Pillow also has a power port and earbud access right through the pillow plus two stretch bands that allows you to put your GoGo Pillow anywhere. No need to worry about knocking down your expensive gadgets. Avoid the obstruction and pain you get when putting your gadgets on unstable places. Get a good work out, read and watch movies on your gadgets comfortably with the help of GoGo Pillow!



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The cost of Gogo Pillow is $19.95 plus $9.95 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Gogo Pillow by paying the extra shipping fee of $9.95 for a total price of $39.85.
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What is a GoGo Pillow?

Any gadget lover who sits on a couch, or in a car, usually reaches for the nearest bag or cushion to put a tablet or Smartphone on and work. It's the easiest way and quickest way to prop a tablet up when relaxing while traveling or at home. The Gogo pillow is uniquely designed to fit the exact same purpose of being an ideal prop up pillow when needed. The Gogo Pillow is a multi-function pillow that is designed to make the lives of a gadget lover easy and comfortable.

How does it work?

The Go Go Pillow comes with extendableelastic bands that can fit a tablet of smart phone of any size in it. It is a multi-functional pillow that does more than just act like a cushion for comfort. Every part of the Gogo Pillow is designed to provide comfort. It works as a backpack apart from being a pillow to hold gadgets, and as a travel cushion.


There are several features that the Gogo Pillow has. All the features only aim at making life easy and hassle free. Some of the Gogo Pillow features are:
  1. Comfortable
  2. Backpack
  3. Travel Cushion
  4. Gadget Holder
  • The pillow also doubles up as a cushion for people who are travelling.
  • Another function of the GogoPillow is that in can be made into a backpack as well.
  • There are access points for sockets and earphones that would need to be plugged into the device as well.
  • The Gogo Pillow also comes in 5 vibrant colors for every kind of decor.


The GoGo Pillow is used for several reasons. It makes an excellent holder for gadgets especially while travelling, exercising, cooking or just relaxing as well. There are attached straps to the GoGo pillow which means that it can also be used as a backpack to carry digital tablets long. Even the power cord socket and ear phone socket are made accessible to the unique design of the Go Go Pillow.


The Go Go Pillow is designed in different colors to match the decor of cars of any room. The different colors of pillows can be spread across different places so that it can both provide aesthetic value to a home as well as use to the owner.

Positive Aspects

Be it in the gym or the kitchen or on a lap, the Go Go Pillow perfectly fits. There is no need to worry about the size of the tablets or smart phones that the GoGo Pillow will be able to hold. The extendable straps hold it in place. The GoGo Pillow is perfect for travel as well and can easily be strapped onto the back of the seat with a tablet firmly in place.

Save Money

Investing in a GoGo Pillow means that there will not be a need to carry around a bag or a tablet stand for digital tablets. There will not be any need for a phone holder as well because the Go Go Pillow is a single investment that can replace any additional holders that keep gadgets in place.
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