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Glow Sharks

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Glow Sharks are small, glow-in-the-dark toy sharks that kids can use in the bathtub, in the pool, or even as night lights. They come in four vibrant colors and will glow for up to eight hours at a time. Both boys and girls of all ages will have fun with these toys, and they make a great gift for parents or grandparents to give kids on any occasion. When there's the option of bringing in Glow Sharks, it won't be as hard to get bath-resistant kids into the tub.

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How It Works

Glow Sharks operate by virtue of the same type of technology that is used to enable glowsticks to light up. As with a glowstick, you'll need to gently bend and twist each Glow Shark until you hear a snapping noise, and then the toy will illuminate itself with brilliant light. Even small children are unlikely to have difficulty bending these toys enough to light them up.


  • Four Sharks Per Set

    With each set of Glow Sharks, you'll get a second set along with it, and each set of toys contains four sharks, giving you eight sharks in total.

  • Come in Four Different Colors

    Each Glow Shark set contains a yellow shark, a pink shark, a blue, and a green.

  • Long-lasting Glow

    Every Glow Shark will glow for up to eight hours after it's been lit up, so even one toy will be able to provide a child with hours of fun.

Positive Points

  • Make Bath Time More Fun

    Many parents likely know that it's incredibly difficult to get some kids into the bath, but when faced with the opportunity to play with Glow Sharks, many will likely go more willingly.

  • Useful as Night Lights

    A Glow Shark will also make a great night light for the bedside table. Due to the sharks' long-lasting glow, the child using it will likely be asleep by the time it burns out. Besides being used in the bedroom, Glow Sharks can be used as night lights in tents, in blanket forts, or virtually anywhere you might choose to sleep.

  • Entertaining at Pool Parties

    If you've got a backyard pool with a group of kids swimming in it after dark, you may want to throw a few of these toys in with them to make their swim more exciting. Of course, these sharks can be lit up and will still provide a bit of a glow when it's not completely dark, too.

  • Great Gift on Any Occasion

    If you're a parent or a grandparent, you may want to surprise your child with a set of these toys on their birthday, at Christmas, or even just because. They're also a great gift idea if a child under your care needs to pick out a present for a young sibling or friend.

Negative Points

  • May Not be Reusable

    It's not specified whether each Glow Shark will light up again after it has glowed for several hours, or if that's it for that particular shark. If the latter is true, and you want to use Glow Sharks often, you'll need to replace them quite frequently, too.


  • Supervise Children

    Young children, especially those who are non-swimmers, should be continuously supervised while bathing or swimming in the dark and using Glow Sharks. Even older children who can swim should be checked on frequently, since it's easier to drown or otherwise hurt oneself in darkness than in daylight.


  • Standard Bath Toys

    There are tons of other bath toys available for kids, but kids likely won't find them as interesting as Glow Sharks, as the vast majority of them don't light up. Plus, having a toy duck or boat may not seem as exciting as having a toy shark, and most other bath toys won't double as night lights, either.


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Cindy Mcpherson - (Newbury Park, CA)
Reviewed on: 26 Jul 2016
I Recommend Buying it!

My Son Loves Them!

I bought Glow Sharks on line and my son absolutely loves them. Now every bath is wants Glow Sharks. What a great product!

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