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Glow Pets Review

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Glow Pets are magical pets that glow designed for kids and even teens who are afraid of the dark. It’s extra fluffy and extra soft which may serve as a comfy pet or a super soft pillow.

The Claim

The Glow Pets infomercial claims that Glow Pets are perfect gifts for children. Bring your child to a land faraway with magical pets that glow at night. Kids around the world are discovering and loving glow pets because they are exciting and very rare. Glow Pets do not only light up at night but they serve as a comfy pet or a super soft pillow that your kids will surely use every single night. It’s fun and magical and perfect for kids of all ages. Even some teens enjoy squeezing the pillow and letting it lit up the room. It’s perfect for storytelling, sleepovers, movie nights and you can bring it anywhere. Kids who are afraid of the dark will love glow pets. The product uses a set of special LED lights that never get hot. It will automatically turn off after 20 minutes and it’s completely safe for children. LED lights will last up to 100 hours and it’s guaranteed never to burn out.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Glow Pets is $29.95 plus $7.95 shipping for a total price of $37.9.



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The lowest price for Glow Pets is direct from their official site.

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Great Low Price

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Online only, Glow Pets is not available in stores.

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60-days Money Back Guarantee

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Total Rating: 225 Average Rating: 3.5 Number of Votes : 65

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Glow Pets

Say goodbye to that darkness monster in the closet with the amazing glow toys that have now hit the market. Kids look for comforting elements in the dark to wean away their fears. Parents who make frequent trips to their kids bedroom at night now have a chance to introduce a new comforting toy to their kids.


What's so Great About a Glow Pet?

A glow pet is a beautifully crafted soft toy that brings comfort both in the form of a “magical” glowing light and texture. Glow toys are known to be hard and parents often consider never allowing their young child play with one in the dark while they try to sleep. Regular glow toys have only one feature that boosts their sales; it Glows! Other than that a young child who falls asleep on a regular glow toy could wake up crying.


The new glow pet, which doubles up as a pillow that radiates a soothing light in a happy animal shape, is more than just a regular glow toy. Collecting these keepers could transform a child’s otherwise dark bedroom into a magical fairy tale land!



Does It Really Work?

Beautiful lights that light up a dark place can make anybody smile. Beautiful lights that light up beautiful huggable animal toys does more than just soothe a child’s fear. Training a child to sleep alone is a tough job that requires a lot of patience and kindness. These little beacons of light on magnificent toy animals can provide that helping hand, to both a stressed parent and a scared child.


Each glow pet is designed and developed not only to add entertaining value in a child’s possession, but also to cater to a child’s imagination with colors and positive feelings of comfort


How Well Does it Work?

With these neat little glowing wonders, a child’s nightlife will never be the same. Here are a few instances that will never be the same with a child’s new glow pet:

1.    Playtime

2.    Sleepovers

3.    Story time

4.    Role play


Fold it into a pet that stands or open it out into a pillow and the glow pet will still look radiant for the 20 minutes it would take for a child to nod off to sleep.


It Works!

Parents don’t even have to worry about moving a sleeping child’s head onto a pillow. If the child falls asleep on the glow pet, opening out the glow pet from under the child’s head turns it into a soft and comfortable pillow. According to a glow pets review, it would take a child about 10 – 15 minutes to fall asleep which is why the glow pet developers thought of a smart timer that turns the lights off on the glow pet after 20 minutes.


How Glow Pets Works

Safety comes first in the development of a toy for a young child. Young children with soft and tender hands are protected from heat a light can produce. The use of LED lights with a 20 minute timer controls the heating of the glow toy. Each glow toy uses 3 AA batteries which are safely embedded in areas not easily accessible by a child.


These 16 inch wonders are fun and so easy to handle that even toddlers can learn to turn the lights on and off. Glow pets are great companions to kids who love animals and would choose from a wide range of animals. They are amazing collectables too like:

·         Glow Bear

·         Glow Snail

·         Glow Zebra

·         Glow Turtle

·         Glow Unicorn

·         Glow Lightening Bug

·         Glow Monkey

·         Glow Pup

·         Glow Penguin

·         Glow Seal

·         Glow frog

·         Glow Pink Butterfly

·         Glow Blue Puppy

·         Glow Pink Puppy

·         Glow Sea Turtle


How Does It Work

Once the glow pet is fit with 3 AAA batteries, there is a soft button which is easy to locate to turn on and turn off the LED lights on the glow pet. The timer system prevents the energy wastage and over usage of the batteries installed on the glow toy. The LED lights work well with this toy so as to prevent any heating.


There is soft Velcro that converts the animal from a playmate to a pillow in a second. The colors and fabric used in the manufacture of the glow toys are safe for handling as well by young children.



Ordering a glow toy online is 25% lesser than the actual price because of the special TV promo showcasing the introduction of these beautiful playmates. For an incredible price of $29.95 and a $7.95 for shipping, a child will have a new best friend. The AA batteries are not included in the shipped pack; however, there is a 60 day money back guarantee, less shipping and handling. Remember to type in the “GLOW” code while ordering online, to avail discounts.


How To Order

Since this is a product that exclusively sold online, it cannot be found at any local store. It’s easy as1,2, 3 to access the user friendly website with the simple form to buy the product in a minute and get it shipped. To be able to order a collection of glow pets for the discounted price and a single shipping cost, select the toy and click on add to cart. It appears in the box below automatically and can be removed from the cart as well by clicking on the remove button.


Please note that a maximum of 6 glow pets can be ordered at one time on any transaction, so make sure all 6 are favorites.



Glow pets are great companions and improve a child’s self-confidence to a large extent. They give a child a sense of imagination and comfort. A glow pet enables a child to say goodbye to the fear of darkness and know that there is always something comforting that light up when they are faced by their fear. Kids who interact with a glow pet practices verbalizing with a companion and develop their aesthetic sensations as well. 

What are they?

Glow Pets are magical and incredible stuffed animals that actually light up. They are mainly intended for nighttime, because they essentially glow in the dark and diminish the common fear that kids have of the dark. Glow Pets were designed by the makers of Pillow Pets, and can be used as super soft and cuddly pillows as well as stuffed bedtime toys.

How do they work?

Glow Pets light up using the power of LED lights. However, the lights don’t get hot and the glowing pillows are perfectly safe for kids. They shine boldly through the animal to portray beautiful, bright lights. There is also a convenient automatic shut-off feature that turns the lights off after 20 minutes; just enough time for the child to fall asleep. Glow Pets can actually fold up to become a stuffed toy or lay flat out to be utilized as a soft, comfy pillow. They can be enjoyed for their colorful lights at bedtime or played with as a regular stuffed animal in the daytime.

Why buy a Glow Pet?

Every child loves a soft, cuddly item to fall asleep with. Glow Pets are the perfect aide for helping children slowly overcome their fear of the dark and fall asleep faster. They’re also a wonderful accessory for sleepovers, camping out, movie and game nights, story time, and so much more. They’re incredibly easy to use and don’t rely on batteries or outlets. Glow Pets become activated with the simple push of a button. Children can even choose their favorite animal from the Glow Pets line-up. They can have their pick from the bear, snail, zebra, turtle, unicorn, puppy, penguin, or seal.


Glow Pets are the perfect gift for any child of any age. Here are some product benefits:

  • They are soft, fluffy, sweet, and cuddly
  • They are the ideal stuffed animal to bring to bed or other nighttime activities, because they will shine bright lights for 20 straight minutes and then automatically shut off
  • Kids have their pick from eight different adorable animals
  • Designed by the same manufacturers of the popular Pillow Pet
  • Can close up with Velcro or lay flat out to become a super-soft pillow
  • They’re a great addition for any child’s room
  • They can make falling asleep easier and more comfortable
  • Each Glow Pet is cute and lovable
  • Makes a terrific gift every occasion


Glow Pets can make any child instantly happy on any occasion; including birthdays, Christmas, rewards for good behavior, and more. Glow Pets can make falling asleep easier for children and alleviate the natural fear that kids often have of the dark. They can turn bedtime into a world of happiness by portraying bright lights all over the room. Glow Pets make a great stuffed animal as well as a super soft and comfortable pillow. Whether it’s the bear, the penguin, or the turtle, children will be thrilled with their brand new Glow Pet. It’s a thoughtful gift and there is no reason not to purchase one today!

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