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Genie Slimmers

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Genie Slimmers are sheer shapewear garments for women that are like pantyhose, but without the inconveniences of uncomfortable seams or a waistband that frequently rolls up. They're made of smooth, run-resistant fabric and come in a nude shade that is suitable for any skin tone, plus a black alternative. These garments have a special no-roll waistband that enables them to stay up for hours, while making your stomach look tighter, your legs slimmer, and your butt perkier. Genie Slimmers will also minimize the appearance of cellulite and smooth out back fat. The bottoms are adjustable, so you can wear them with open toes, with closed toes, or as capri-style leggings.

The Claim

When you wear Genie Slimmers, you'll look up to 10 pounds slimmer, while feeling comfortable at the same time. The fabric used to make these garments is so breathable and smooth, you may even forget that you're wearing shapewear at all. Each pair has a seamless toe, so you won't need to put up with a seam digging into your foot while wearing closed-toe shoes. When you're wearing open-toed shoes, you'll also have the option of rolling up the toe, or rolling the Genie Slimmers all the way up to your ankles so that your feet are exposed. The fact that you can wear these shapewear pieces in different ways means that they'll look good with virtually any shoe you own.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Genie Slimmers is $10.00 plus $6.99 shipping, for a total price of $16.99.
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How It Works

After you put on a pair of Genie Slimmers, the stretchy yet smooth and comfortable fabric will hug your body and stay in place. Due to the fact that it will gently but firmly grip your curves, it will lift your posterior while pulling in fat on your back, stomach, and legs. Hence, you'll look much slimmer than you would without the Genie Slimmers on.


  1. Night Out
  2. When you're all glammed up in a dress for a night out, the Genie Slimmers will give you a sleeker, smoother silhouette. If you're wearing closed-toed shoes, you can keep the toes of your slimmers closed, while if you're wearing open-toed shoes, you may wish to roll up the toes and expose your nail polish job. On a night that you don't want to wear a dress, you can also pair the Genie Slimmers with a long top for a more casual, yet sophisticated look.

  3. Beach
  4. It's uncommon to see people wearing pantyhose on the beach, but your Genie Slimmers can be rolled up and converted into capri pants. When you wear them this way, you'll be able to walk through the water or on the sand in your bare feet, while looking slim and keeping your legs clean.

  5. Office
  6. Genie Slimmers will make you look slim and trim in a business suit, whether it's one with a skirt or one that includes pants, and in virtually any other office wear. The shapewear looks great with flat shoes or heels, so regardless of the shoes you wear while working, you'll be comfortable and won't have to put up with toe seams all day.

  7. Exercise
  8. Since the Genie Slimmers are so comfortable and run-resistant, you'll be able to turn them into capris and wear them while working out at home or at the gym.

Positive Points

  • Have No-roll Waistband
  • When you're wearing a standard pair of pantyhose, you may find that the waistband rolls down a lot, causing the entire garment to roll down and almost slide off. You won't have this problem when you wear Genie Slimmers, as each pair is made with a no-roll waistband that will continuously stay at the right level.

  • Feel Smooth
  • The Genie Slimmers will make your legs feel smooth to the touch, even if you have dry skin or shaving stubble underneath.

  • Hide Cellulite
  • Along with gently shaping your curves so that you look slimmer, the Genie Slimmers will hide any cellulite you have. Although they are sheer, they are just opaque enough to do so.

  • Six Different Sizes
  • There are six different sizes of Genie Slimmers available, so if you select the correct one, it's unlikely that you'll find them too loose or too tight. The sizes range from small, fitting women who wear pant sizes four to six, all the way to 2X, fitting women who wear sizes 24 to 26.

Negative Points

  • Slimming Not Permanent
  • While the Genie Slimmers will make you look slimmer while you wear them, after you take them off, these effects will disappear. Looking slimmer with a pair of these on may make you less motivated to exercise and eat healthy in order to permanently alter your shape.


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