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Flipeez are the new animated hats that’s fun to wear. Ordinary animal hats aren’t very fun but Flipeez are super fun. They are cozy and soft and children will love wearing them.

The Claim

Flipeez are super fun action hats that come alive right before your eyes. Just squeeze the puff ball and they flip, they flap and they flop. It’s the fun way to stay warm and comfy. There are seven designs to choose from; Playful Puppy, Huggy Monkey, Twitchy Kitty, Peek-a-Boo Monster, Curious Owl, Ranger Raccoon and Rascally Rabbit. Flipeez comes with a soft, warm fleece inner lining and a quality knit outer cap. They are durable and made to last season after season.



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What are they?

Flipeez are adorable fleece animal caps that can come alive! Each hat features a specific animal that actually starts flapping with one simple squeeze. Every animal has a different body part that will come to life; for instance the rabbit’s ears flap and the monkey’s arms open up. Children of all ages and even adults will love the hat that not only keeps them warm but entertains them all day long.

How do they work?

Each Flipeez cap is one size fits all, so they will accommodate to anyone’s head! They are all lined with super soft fleece, meaning they are warm and cozy every time they are worn. Flipeez are all fleece hats, stuffed animals, and fun toys that come alive conveniently combined into one!

How to use them

To use a Flipeez cap, simply slide it over the head and squeeze the puff ball attached to the end of the tassle to enjoy the mesmerizing effects. Flipeez will come to life as soon as the puff ball is squeezed, and they will relax as soon as the user lets go.

Why buy Flipeez?

Flipeez are a great gift to buy children of any age. They’ll keep the child warm in winter and preoccupy them all hours of the day! Flipeez don’t require any special steps to start the action; it’s just one simple squeeze of the puff ball. Children will love wearing their favorite animal as a hat and enjoying the impressive effects. The Flipeez caps include a Huggy Monkey, Twitchy Kitty, Curious Owl, Peek-a-Boo Monster, Rascally Rabit, Playful Puppy, and a Ranger Raccoon. These funny and unique hats will make any child’s day. They’re also an ideal gift for birthdays, Christmas, and so much more! Flipeez can be worn outside in the cold and during winter vacations, or even worn around the house. The possibilities are endless!  


These flipping and flapping fleece caps can add entertainment to anyone’s life. Here are some additional product benefits:

  • Each cap is adorable and can brighten up anyone’s day
  • Each Flipeez is lined with extremely soft fleece, so they are both warm and comfortable
  • Anyone of any age can enjoy Flipeez
  • They come to life with a simple squeeze, making for a fun experience for both the user and other people watching
  • Each Flipeez is originally designed with a creative name to match
  • Any number of Flipeez can be purchased, all for a low price
  • Children have a nice selection of Flipeez caps to choose from


Flipeez are a wonderful and fun addition for any child’s winter wardrobe. They’re warm, entertaining, durable, and cute. Children wearing Flipeez will be the talk of the town because they’re the only animal tassle caps that actually come to life! They’re extremely comfortable and will be sure to keep children warm even in the coldest of temperatures. Flipeez are becoming more and more popular every day because people love how the tails flap and the ears flip! There is no reason not to purchase Flipeez today!

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