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Flip Ups

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Flip Ups are sunglasses for men and women that will fit comfortably over any pair of prescription glasses and look attractive at the same time. The lightweight frames are black with no additional decoration, making these sunglasses look good with clothing of virtually any style. When you don't need sunglasses, all you'll need to do is simply flip up the lenses to look at the world through your regular glasses again. Each pair of sunglasses also comes with a pair of night vision glasses that'll come in handy when you need to drive in the dark.

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The cost of Flip Ups is $19.99 plus $5.99 shipping, for a total price of $25.98.
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  • Wraparound Style

    Flip Ups come in a wraparound style, which means that they'll wrap around your regular glasses instead of just clipping onto them. That means that no light that could affect your peripheral vision will be allowed in through the sides of the sunglasses.

  • Hd Vision Technology

    These sunglasses are made in accordance with the principles and specifications of HD Vision technology, meaning that they'll offer you a completely clear view, plus enhanced color. Hence, you may even be able to see better with these than your standard eyeglasses.

  • Lightweight Design

    Some pairs of sunglasses that will fit over prescription glasses look big, heavy, boxy, and clunky, but Flip Ups will look and feel very lightweight in comparison. When wearing them, you'll feel as if you're wearing regular sunglasses, instead of feeling like you've attached a couple of small containers to your face.

  • Come With Night Vision Glasses

    The pair of glasses designed specifically for nighttime wear that comes with each pair of daytime sunglasses will cut the glare from headlights and other lights as you drive at night. These are very similar to the daytime glasses when it comes to style and weight.

Positive Points

  • Ideal for Driving

    Regardless of whether you're wearing your daytime pair or your nighttime pair, these glasses are ideal for driving, due to their glare-blocking abilities. Plus, at a time when you want more light in your eyes, such as when you're driving in a dark parking garage, you'll be able to flip them up ( and then down again ) in seconds.

  • Work With Reading Glasses

    Flip Ups will attach just as securely to reading glasses as they will to other pairs of eyeglasses. Since they won't decrease the clarity of your vision, you likely won't have trouble reading a book, a computer screen, or even a smartphone screen while wearing them.

  • Deluxe Edition Available

    Besides the standard version of Flip Ups, you can also get a deluxe bundle, which will give you nighttime and daytime glasses plus a carrying case and a microfiber cloth for cleaning purposes.

Negative Points

  • May Look Funny Flipped up

    While these sunglasses look attractive while flipped down, and the option of flipping them up is a useful feature, some people might think they look funny flipped up. Hence, if you walk around in public with yours flipped up, there's a chance you'll attract a bit of not-so-positive attention.


  • Clip-on Sunglasses

    Clip-on sunglasses that will clip directly to each lens on a pair of glasses are widely used, but if you wear these, you may get sun in your eyes anyway. The space between the clip-ons and the outer sides of your eyes is a perfect place for a bit of brightness to slip in.

  • Prescription Sunglasses

    Prescription sunglasses are also an option, but you'll need to have an appointment with an optometrist in order to have a pair of these customized for your eyes. If you lose them, they'll be difficult to quickly replace.

  • Bulky Wraparounds

    Other wraparound sunglasses out there that will fit over a pair of eyeglasses tend to be very bulky, so they won't look as attractive or stylish on you as Flip Ups. They'll also take up more space when not in use.


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