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Fantastic Clasp

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Fantastic Clasp is a new way to make the process of putting on jewelry simpler. All you need to do is affix the clasp to both ends of your jewelry and then bring those pieces together each time you want to wear them. The magnets pull naturally as they near one another, so you do not have to do any of the real work. No more awkwardly trying to look in a mirror, breaking your nails, or asking for help.

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The cost of Fantastic Clasp is $10.00 plus $4.99 shipping, for a total price of $14.99.
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  • Simple

    This is a simple way to bring jewelry ends together. Magnets do all the work for you. You don't even need to see what you are doing.

  • Elegant

    In gold and silver, the elegant designs suit any type of jewelry.


  • Modernize Jewelry

    Fantastic Claps is a great way to modernize jewelry. You can put on all of your jewelry without relying on someone else to help. This is ideal for woman who have long nails that often get in the way, or women who have arthritis. .

  • Secure

    There is a premium duty barrel lock designed to give you extra security beyond just the magnets. In fact, they tested the hold by wrapping two necklaces around a twenty pound handheld dumb bell and lifting. It held without coming apart.

  • Fast

    You can put all of your jewelry on faster and easier, no matter what type of jewelry it is. Use it for necklaces, for bracelets, and even for anklets. You just affix the two pieces to the ends of your jewelry. Then bring them together. They will automatically pull toward one another because of their magnets and snap in place.


  • Only One Size

    There is only one size available so you have to rely on the same clasp size for all of your jewelry. The length of the clasps also add length to your jewelry which means some of the pieces may no longer fit exactly as they did before. This can be problematic for things like bracelets which might now slide around.


  • Health Concerns

    Do not use these magnets if you have a pacemaker, use an insulin pump, or a defibrillator. This is a warning administered by all other magnets of this kind, yet it is not listed on the website. That being said, it is better to ere on the side of caution.

Does It Really Work?

Yes, Fantastic Clasp really works. The magnets pull together and then the barrel lock that holds in place gives you a strong hold so your jewelry won't just fall off while you wear it.

While they will make it easier to put on jewelry, you still have to affix them to your existing jewelry which has the same level of difficult. You still have to fumble with the small levers and hook the two pieces together. What’s more, if you only buy a few, you might have to regularly remove them and put them onto other pieces of jewelry. If you do this, then there is really no point in purchasing it at all because it will cause you the same headache. However, if there are a few pieces of jewelry you favor and wear regularly, then it might be worth it.

How it's Different from Competitors

While there are many magnetic jewelry clasps available on the market with the same magnet power and ease of use, one thing in particular makes these pieces stand out. If you look carefully at the design you will see the normal magnet components in the center, with the two central loops. After that though, there are two separate end pieces which are both designed specifically to affix easily to any jewelry you have. One is the clasp you have to open, which goes around the solid hoop. The other is the solid hoop around which the claps will affix. Cheaper designs on the market do not have these extra features, so they are a lot harder to use.


  • Tegg Magnetic Clasps

    Tegg sells the magic magnetic clasps for jewelry which features the lobster clasp and magnetic lock. For a much cheaper price, these are metal silver plated clasps which can be used to connect necklaces, bracelets, or anklets. They have magnetic clasps on them so that they are drawn together naturally when you put the pieces near one another. This makes it simple to put jewelry on from the front or back. It works well for arthritis or long nails. What’s more, it too offers stronger holding power so that your jewelry remains secure.

  • Ugems Magnetic Clasps

    UGems offers sterling silver closed loop clasps which are also magnetic. They range in size, with small versions available. All of them open by sliding the pieces sideways. Then you can just it to magnetically seal your jewelry, bringing the two ends together.

  • Generic Magnetic Clasps

    The company Generic offers silver and gold lobster claw magnetic pieces which have the same extensions as Fantastic Clasp. These are the same size and have the same end pieces. They are also available in silver and gold. While not tested with the weights, the company does state that the magnet hold is strong and will remain in place.


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