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Ez Up Cane

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EZ Up Cane is a cane that helps you to get up with ease. You can use it standing up or sitting down. The magic knee bar locks into place. You pull the handle toward your chest and then voila. The knee bar gives support while standing and becomes a lever that straightens your legs for you. With this cane, you rely upon a biomechanical lever that helps you sit down or stand up without any help.

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  • Safe

    You get extra leverage, safety, balance, and mobility.

  • 4 Support Points

    There are four points of support to make sitting and standing easier. It has a wide base to grip the floor and offer more stability.

  • Stands Alone

    The unit stands on its own so if you don’t need it, you can let it go.

  • Lightweight

    The cane is lightweight and ergonomic.

  • Adjustable

    It is fully adjustable based on your height.

  • Cushioned Handle

    There is a cushioned handle which is double wide. This means both hands can be used at once.


  • Wide Traction Base

    The wide traction base allows you to navigate any terrain. With a single base unit, there are four smaller divots or feet that grip the ground, no matter what type. This means walking on gravel, grass, snow, or sand. .

  • Folds

    The ability to fold it and then flip it open is particularly beneficial for those who do not need a cane full time but do struggle with sitting or standing. If this is the case, you can fold it up and pack it away when you sit down, then flip it open and use it to stand. After this, just fold it back up and continue on your way.

  • Comfortable

    The handle is a double wide comfort handle which makes gripping it easier and more comfortable, something particularly important for those who are using it full time. Their pivoting spring lock knee bar also has comfortable cushioning and padding all the way around, so it won’t hurt your knees.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Flip

    If you are sitting and it is in the folded position, flip it open from the folded position.

  2. Lock

    Lock the magic knee bar in place. Place the cane between your feet and press your knees against it while you pull the handle toward your chin.

  3. Sit or Stand

    The cane becomes a biomechanical lever that helps you sit down or stand up when you do this. To reverse the effect and sit down, repeat the steps in the opposite order. .

How it's Different from Competitors

Unlike other canes, when you let it go, it stands on its own. The canes on the market today that have the wider base with four big feet can stand on their own but they are a larger cane with a wider base. This unit has a smaller base which means it takes up less room. What’s more, when you are done using it, you just fold it up and take it with you.

The folding mechanism is unique, unlike most canes, and with it you are able to transport the cane on the go. Keep it folded under your seat while traveling, fold it under your bed, or pack it in a suitcase. No longer does the cane have to be a separate carry on item. When you are ready to use it again, it flips open. You do not have to attach any features or piece it together. It opens more easily than it folds, so you just grab it out of a purse or pack, flip it open, and use it to stand.


  • Traditional Canes

    The alternatives to this unit are traditional canes. There are different types though.

    Offset canes are meant to give you balance if you have issues with your wrist and cannot firmly grip a cane.

    Quad canes are the ones with the four post bases, meant to give you extra stability. With adjustable heights, they can stabilize extra weight and be customized.

    Standard crook canes are the most popular model with a comfortable and relaxed grip. They reduce stress on the hands.

    Orthopedic grip canes spread pressure evenly across the palm which alleviates the stress on your wrist that accompanies supporting your body weight.

    Aluminum canes have curved handles for more comfort and are standard for up to 250 pounds.

  • Lift Chairs

    Another alternative is the lift chair. Lift chairs, as the name suggests, are chairs designed to lift you out of a seated position without moving. Most chairs are full chairs with the movable parts in the cushion that hoist you upright. Others are single units that you can sit on top of any existing chair. In any case, they function the same way. Their design uses springs most of the time to tilt naturally as you are standing. This tilt is what pushes you upright without exerting as much effort on the knees.

    Complete lift chairs, not just the seats, are quite expensive though because they are spring loaded, over-sized lounge chairs.


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