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The EZ Pockets is used to make individual pocket pies in your own home. The EZ Pockets pie pan can be filled with all your favorite recipes so you can make different pies every time. Preparation is easy and you can also cook other kinds of meal favorites in your Ez Pockets.

The Claim

The EZ Pockets infomercial claims that EZ Pockets can be used to bake personal pies with different fillings or flavors. It is easy to use and you only need to prepare the dough and the filling you want, whether sweet or savory. Preparation is simple and you can even make lunch or dinner using the EZ Pockets. You just mold the dough into the EZ Pockets pie pan and fill each with any recipes you want, seal it and if you want, you can even decorate the edges for a great looking pie. After that, you just put the EZ Pockets right into the oven and wait for it to cook. It is possible to bake dessert pies for your kids while you prepare a good dinner at only a single baking time. Each pocket can have different fillings and you can produce six different pies every time you bake.



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What is EZ Pockets?

Making pies at home can be a cumbersome task to accomplish considering the tastes of every family member.Therefore, people prefer to buy frozen pies of different flavors and heat them up for a good  quick meal or snack. The problem however with pies bought outside is that, it lacks nutrition and there are only selected flavors available on demand. With EZ Pockets, the entire process of making individual pies of different fillings, are made simple and easy to prepare right at home.

What does it  work?

EZ Pockets are easy to use and makes perfect pies each and every time. In a couple of easy steps, individual pies of different flavors are made ready to eat. A set of individual pies with EZ Pockets is accomplished by:
  1. Molding the dough
  2. Filling with recipes
  3. Seal, Cut & Decorate
  4. Bake
  5. Serve & Enjoy

Easy to Use

Pie making has become extremely simplified with EZ Pockets, that even kids can make their own pies with their favorite recipes. EZ Pockets encourage families to eat healthy while reducing preparation time and making the pie making process easy. EZ Pockets are easy  to clean and maintain as well because there is no need to make separate batches for each filling.


EZ Pockets can be used to make sweet and savory pies of different fillings all in one batch. There is no need to separately cut every single pie into perfect shapes before putting into the oven to bake. Some of the suggested flavors of pies that can be made in a single batch are:
  • Chicken pot pie
  • Cheeseburger pocket sliders
  • Spicy Taco
  • A la mode


Every EZ Pocket pie mold has 6 different individual pockets to be baked in a single batch. There are also pans that have 12 pockets in one pan. The individual pies are great for breakfast, snacks, lunches or even dinners. There are over a dozen recipes to make every individual pocket pie, unique and yummy. The pans are non-stick and cutting the pies into equal shapes is extremely simple with the EZ pocket pans.


Frozen pies and ready to eat pies lack nutrients and have very little filling. With the EZ Pocket pans individual pies with more filling of choice can be made. Some of the types of pies that can be made with EZ pocketsare Zesty Pizza roll pies, Breakfast pockets with eggs and sausages, fruit pies, etc. can be made all at once. EZ Pockets make meal time pies and dessert pies, extra special.

Positive Aspects

Making pies with EZ Pockets is easy and perfect every time. There is no need to worry about making different sized pies. Every individual pie made with EZ Pockets is perfectly personal sized for each person. The different kinds of pies that can be made with EZ pockets is endless.

Save Time

Making pies usually take  a lot of time to make into perfect sizes and shapes. The pie filling sometimes tends to break through the dough while handling. EZ pockets makes the entire pie making process easy, quick and mess free each time.
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