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Dura Wallet

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Dura Wallet is the new generation wallet that’s paper thin but incredibly strong designed to hold all your cash and up to 16 cards without being too large and bulky for your pockets.

The Claim

The Dura Wallet infomercial claims that Dura Wallet is the new amazing wallet with four compartments that can hold all your cash as well as 16 cards. No more ugly and bulky wallets that can hardly fit in your pockets. With Dura Wallet, you can enjoy a paper thin wallet made of woven fiber material. It’s water proof and incredibly strong. You can easily wipe mud away and it can withstand accidental laundry washing. It is also the only wallet available today that is made with a single piece of material. This means that there are no stitches and seams that come undone. Definitely thinner than all ordinary leather wallets, Dura Wallet will expand and hold everything that you need. It is also designed with a special lining that blocks scanners so you can keep your credit card and personal information secure from identity thefts. Dura is ultra comfortable, ultra strong and ultra thin.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Dura Wallet is $10.00 plus $7.95 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Dura Wallet by paying the extra shipping fee of $7.95 for a total price of $25.9.
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What is Dura Wallet?

One of the best gifts to give any man is a wonderful wallet that they can carry around proudly. There are different brands of wallets that are available to suit the tastes of different people and the brands that they prefer. Most of the times, men are most happy with a wallet that is easier to carry around without being a hassle than carrying a branded wallet that can have many disadvantages. The Dura Wallet is a wallet, which is unlike any other wallet that is available in the market. Its main selling point if the fact that it is thin as paper and has the ability to carry many thing without appearing bulky and large.

How does it work?

The Dura Wallet is carried around exactly like any other wallet and is a perfect fit for any pocket. There are enough of compartments that make the Dura Wallet easy to use and carry around. The Dura Wallet is excellent for carrying many cards as well as cash, all at the same time.


The Dura Wallet has the following features:

- Thin As Paper

- Durable

- Not Bulky

- Not Large

- Fits Perfectly

- 4 compartments

- Holds Cards and Cards

The Dura Wallet is designed in such a way that it compresses all the contents and makes the entire wallet look compact. Every bill that is put into the Dura Wallet perfectly fits the Dura Wallet and there is no more crushed or folded bills to worry about.


There are several advantages that make the Dura Wallet stand out apart from other wallets. The Dura Wallet does not look bulky like other wallets when notes and cards are put into it. The Dura Wallet is four times thinner than a regular wallet. The material that is used to design the Dura Wallet is the one, which makes all the difference. The Dura Wallet is also made from 25% recycled material. The best feature of all is that it does not tear easily.


The Dura Wallet is used to store different types of notes as well as cards. Unlike regular wallets, the Dura Wallet has a trip to protect the magnetic strip of cards so that it is well protected and looked after. There is no need to worry even about drying out the wallet after a water accident. The Dura Wallet is completely water resistant that protects all its contents.

Positive Aspects

The Dura Wallet is thin and extremely handy. The Dura Wallet is made from one single sheet of Tyvek. The water resistant nature of the Dura Wallet is a hit amongst people who tend to leave their wallets on tables only to be showed with water by accident. The Dura wallet can hold extra cards and extra notes if necessary.

Save Money

Being a person who has a lot of cards to carry around, will find that the Dura Wallet is a blessing unlike expensive wallets. The extremely thin nature of the full Dura Wallet is an amazing feature that will keep thieves away and never having to buy another wallet. Any wallet that bulges is not appealing to the eye. The Dura Wallet is a perfect solution for anyone who hates a wallet that bulges.


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Mik Esmith - (Hillside, NJ)
Reviewed on: 23 Oct 2013
I Recommend Buying it!


Great product, I have had this for several months and love it.

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Mark - (Hoboken, NJ)
Posted: 11 Feb 2016
I have something to say!

It's garbage product!

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Daniel - (Portola Valley, CA)
Posted: 16 Jan 2016
I have something to say!

FAQ states 3-to-6 weeks for delivery; we'll see. I like the idea of durability and rfid deterrent. My leather wallets and other types usually don't last as long as I'd like and start to wear quickly.

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Kenneth Peck - (Belmont, NH)
Posted: 19 Nov 2015
I have something to say!

How long do you have to wait to get it? I order it on Oct 29th. And nothing has happened yet. I think your company and customer service is a big joke. Thank you for nothing!

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John Yeash - (Florence, NJ)
Posted: 27 Oct 2014
I have a Question

I ordered two wallets a month ago and I have not received them. What can be done? 609-346-4957

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Dixie Chapman
29 Oct 2014

Is that your phone number? Who do you want to call you? Me? :o) What can be done is either contact their customer service number or dispute the charge on your credit card. Check their website, do they claim you will receive it in less than a month?

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Thomas Simmons
30 Oct 2015

It's not smart to give your phone number out like that.

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