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Dump Cakes refer to a cake recipe cook book with unique cakes called Dump Cakes that don’t require any counting or measuring to bake different kinds of cakes. With Dump Cakes, the user simply dumps ordinary cake mix and a round of ingredients into a pan without needing to measure them out and bakes the mixture as they would normally would with traditional cakes. Dump Cakes has several different Dump Cake recipes to choose from, such as Raz and Peach cake, skillet S’mores, and sticky buns. The prep time is shortened because the ingredients are poured into the pan, and the book teaches the user how to do this in two steps.

The Claim

With the Dump Cakes recipe cookbook, you just dump and bake! It’s that easy, and you can make 5 star recipes in just two simple steps. Now you no longer have to count and measure out your ingredients and waste time. Baking usually takes forever and ends up chaotic, but not with Dump Cakes. Here users are shown how to make scrumptious cakes just by dumping cake mix and a bunch of ingredients in a baking pan, then baking it for just a few minutes! Your entire family will love the Dump Cakes desserts such as Raz and Peach cake, skillet S’mores, and sticky buns.



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What are they?

Dump Cakes are amazingly delicious cakes that are made without measuring or wasting precious time and energy. Dump Cakes are specialty cakes that are simply created by dumping an array of ingredients in the pan and baking to perfection. It’s that simple! With Dump Cakes, anyone can bake tasty cakes that guests will assume were done with a lot of measuring, time, energy, and hassle. Dump Cakes are just cakes that have a lot of random ingredients put together but somehow taste incredible!

How do they work?

With Dump Cakes, users can make 5 star recipes in just minutes. Just dump and bake! It’s that simple. And the cakes always turn out spectacular. This also means no more spending hours baking cakes from scratch. All the Dump Cake recipes are mistake proof as well, so no more hassle and frustration like with baking traditional cakes!

How to use it

To use Dump Cakes, simply follow the desired recipe in the Dump Cakes recipe book, dump, and bake! It’s that easy!

What to make

With the Dump Cakes recipe book, users can make Dump Cakes, skillet desserts, pies, sticky buns, and more with very little effort! That’s because Dump Cakes is incredibly easy to follow and even fun to use to make delicious homemade desserts.

Why buy it?

The Dump Cakes recipe book is perfect for people who love yummy homemade cake and pie but don’t have time for all the counting and measuring! Dump Cakes just require two simple steps: dumping and baking! They’re incredibly easy to follow and are especially great for busy moms on the go who want to feed their families tasty and scrumptious five star desserts. With Dump Cakes, every day can be a dessert day with barely any effort on the user’s part. Dump Cakes are delicious and taste like they were baked in a gourmet restaurant. And the best news is, anyone can bake them- no matter how inexperienced of a baker they may be. The recipes are simple to understand and not complex.


The benefits of the Dump Cakes recipe book are endless. Here are just a few notable benefits to mention:

  • Easy to use. Just follow the recipes: dump and bake!
  • Five star recipes that are mistake proof!
  • No hassle and very little clean up!
  • No counting or measuring. Just dumping and baking!
  • Can bake skillet s’mores, sticky buns, cakes, and pies
  • Delicious homemade desserts made in just minutes


Dump Cakes is the only solution to making five star cakes with barely any effort and virtually no clean up. With the Dump Cakes recipe cookbook, making delicious homemade desserts is a breeze and everyone in the family will enjoy what the user creates using this easy-to-follow recipe book. Anyone can master Dump Cakes and they’ll be so glad they did because the desserts are absolutely scrumptious. No more spending hours making cakes from scratch, no more counting and measuring, and no more cleaning up the entire kitchen! Just dumping and baking! 

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Doretta Mcdonough - (Oak Creek, WI)
Reviewed on: 22 Jan 2015
I Regret Buying it!

Dump Cakes Pans Dump Meals

I ordered 6 sets of cakes and meals-- one for me and one for each of my children salesman kept Offering me better deal on top of the last one... It costume over $120.00 and did not receive All that was purchased--- 3 meal cookbooks And they were soft paper back with very few receipes thirst were Christmas gifts .... Not Complete orders, only 3 small frying pans 2 Cake pans----someone fouled up at their end, and I will be advising people to not order from them.

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Robert Mcwilliams - (Little Rock, AR)
Reviewed on: 09 Jan 2015
I Regret Buying it!


Ordered dev 19. Today is jan 9. They cannot even report a shipping day even though the ordered was promised delivery on the 29th Now they just say they have many orders suspect they oversold and are awaiting new printing This is poor way to do business.

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