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Dolly Do It

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Dolly Do It is a newly engineered dolly that helps you transport goods up or down stairs without having to lift or pull. With it you can carry bulky purchases, pet food bags, cart luggage around on a trip, bring groceries and cases of cans inside, transport office supplies. You can even stack boxes or laundry and move it from place to place. Indoor and outdoor uses are fine, as the wheels are all terrain.

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The cost of Dolly Do It is $29.99 plus $7.95 shipping, for a total price of $37.94.
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  • Lifting Done for You

    You can use the six wheel technology to do the lifting or climbing up stairs on your behalf.

  • Fewer Trips

    You can move heavy things with ease or larger loads in one trip. .

  • All Terrain

    The all-terrain wheels let you roll over grass, stones, uneven roads, curbs, stairs, and more.

  • Holds a Lot

    The unit can hold up to one hundred and ten pounds, but it is incredibly lightweight.

  • Folds up

    When you are not using it, it folds up flat so that you can store it conveniently.

  • Indoor or Outdoor

    You can use the dolly function to move boxes indoors or out.

Positive Points

  • Vacation

    You can take the Dolly Do It cart with you on vacation, without the carrier bag. Use it to stack your luggage and carryon’s, making it easy to transport right to the gate. Then, once aboard, you can fold it down into its compact size and store it under the seat. This works for all modes of transportation. .

  • Moving

    You can use the Dolly Do It as a cart for moving. Just like a normal dolly, if you or someone you know is moving and they need help transporting boxes or loading household goods, you can use the dolly function for larger boxes. Then you can use the carrier bag for smaller, miscellaneous options.

  • Open or Enclosed

    Dolly Do It is a six wheeled drive stair dolly that helps carry materials and climb stairs for you. With a flat dolly structure, there is an added carry bag that makes the dolly into a carrier.

  • Professional Use

    This can be used by professional staff members who have to move goods from one place to another, . Examples include a package delivery service for a large building with multiple companies inside, or a warehouse where stored bags of sand, dirt, or bark are transported to the cars of paying customers.

Negative Points

  • Weight Limit

    The limit for weight it just over one hundred pounds. This means that more than likely it should be reserved for smaller transportation, not heavier boxes. It also puts a weight limit on the use of it for moving luggage, large boxes, heavier bags of pet food, and more.

How it's Different from Competitors

With this cart, the biomechanics of it are slightly different compared to other carts. If you look carefully at the base what you will find is a bar at the front of the cart. Then you will see a set of three wheels stacked in a triangle on either side of the back part of the cart. While standing, or not moving, this cart maintains two large wheels from the base of the triangle at the back and the bar at the front.

As you start to move across a flat surface, pulling the cart, you will find that the two base wheels remain in their place, turning like normal wheels. However, as you start to move the cart up a set of stairs, the top wheel from the pyramid will catch or hook onto the subsequent stair. Then it naturally lifts up and forward, pulling the other two wheels behind it. Said motion is repeated all the way up the stairs.


  • Utility Carts

    Utility carts are sold in all sizes, but maintain roughly the same shape. They are often an enclosed cage that holds stackable boxes, paperwork, or anything else. The difference here is that these are not designed with the six wheels so going up or down stairs requires effort from the user. What’s more, these are often designed for indoor or outdoor use specifically, not both.

  • Climb Ease

    Climb ease is another as seen on TV design. You use it to pull loads up a set of stairs or across difficult terrain. It also has six wheels. However, the difference is that they have bigger wheels and a different front resting bars. These wheels continually rotate. Continual rotations allow it to grip the next stair while going up a set of stairs in the same fashion. However, it also moves across surfaces in the same way.

    Its design lets you use the carrier case around the body of the metal so that you can fill it like a bag. Conversely you can just leave it open so that you can stack things on it like a dolly.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Load

    Load things into the cart like books, papers, laundry, and more.

  2. Pull

    Pull it the same as you would a normal cart, using the handle bar to pull it behind you.


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