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Divine Time

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Divine Time is a beautiful timepiece that functions as more than just a clock. In addition to showing time, it also reads a scripture each time the hand strikes an hour. The purpose is to give a home positive energy and eternal cheer each hour. Each house can use inspiration, and with this clock, that is what you get. Positive verses are shared every hour so that your home always retains the spirit of warmth.

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The cost of Divine Time is $19.99 plus $9.99 shipping, for a total price of $29.98.
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  • Antique Look and Feel

    The clock face is quite beautiful, with an antique look and feel to it. A simple design, it fits most houses.

  • Bilingual

    There are English and Spanish options available.

  • Quiet Mode

    There is a night time mode which is set to silent with glow in the dark clock hands. In fact, it has a built in light sensor that turns it on and off based on day or night.

  • Off

    You have the option of turning off the scripture reading if you so choose, and it will still function as a clock.


  • Works Well

    Like an clock, the design works wells for homes, with regard to telling time.

  • Display Stand

    When you order this clock, you also get a display stand with it. This allows for those who do not want to hang it on a wall to still display it and hear the verses it has to share.


  • One Type

    The downside to this is that anyone interested in having scriptures read out loud each hour might want a different design. There is the single design only at this time, so if it does not match or fit the house, there are no other options. On a similar note, there are not additional sizes either.

  • Voices

    You cannot change the voice by which the scriptures are read. For some houses the occupants might prefer a specific gender or tone, even accent, but this is not an option at this time. The only available voice is more than likely meant to be symbolic of a god, since it is a powerful male voice. However, this low tone could be frightening to some.

  • Scripture

    Another downside is that you have no control over the scriptures which are read. There are twelve verses pre-programmed. This means that each day, each hour, you get the same verse over and over. Changes cannot be made to the verses. They might not be the most inspirational or uplifting for all consumers. You also do not get the choice of specifying which religious texts are used, which can be particularly troublesome for different sects which might use different translations or books.

  • Material

    Unfortunately, too, there is no information provided by the company about the materials used for the clock. The colors for the perimeter frame seem to be wood, but it could easily be a wood colored paint over something like plastic. If this is the case, it might not fit every home.

  • Batteries

    It does require batteries to operate. This means that in addition to the normal lifespan for clock batteries you have to replace them sooner to account for the power used to speak the verses.

How it's Different from Competitors

Aside from its functionality as a clock, it stands out among its competitors by reading the scriptures. As of late, there are other devices which read scriptures out loud, or have scriptures printed on the clock face, but none quite like this one.

Does It Really Work?

The same as any other battery powered clock, yes the Divine Time clock works.


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