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Digi Tech

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DigiTech is a portable high definition camera that can be used for a variety of purposes. Its construction is sleek, black and minimal so that it can be seamlessly integrated into virtually any environment. The product comes as part of a package that includes several useful accessories like a docking station, magnetic stand and car adapter for travel charging. Recorded audio and video can be easily loaded onto any computer using the internal MicroSD card.

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  • Hours of Footage

    The DigiTech Camera is capable of operating for two continuous hours. When placed in the docking station, its longevity is extended up to eight hours. It can also be plugged directly into a power source for unlimited usage ( as allowed by storage capacity ).

  • Recording Options

    Customers can use this device in two different modes. It can be engaged in a regular continuous recording mode that can be stopped and restarted like any other camera, or placed in a motion-sensor setting that will only start recording when movements are detected.

  • Plug and Play

    No software is required to use this camera. It can be plugged directly into a computer through a traditional USB connection, or the internal memory card can be removed and placed directly into the appropriate slot on an accepting system.

  • Modular Memory

    This camera uses an eight gigabyte MicroSD card as internal storage, which is usually enough to record sixty minutes of high definition audio / visual content. Users have the option, however, to replace this card with one containing a potentially unlimited amount of recording space ( as storage size to physical size ratios continue to evolve through technological developments ). The current maximum for consumer MicroSD storage space is 200 GB, though 128 GB are more common.

Save Money

The DigiTech camera can potentially save a significant amount of money for customers by acting as a versatile security and monitoring camera. Left at the home or office, this device can prevent losses from theft and can be used to provide crucial evidence that may then prevent legal fees from accumulating over time. Acting as a source of evidence is also a money saving benefit when this camera is used in vehicles, as has become a common practice with portable cameras in recent years. Damage to items at home by pets can also be dealt with in advance by monitoring them with the camera while away. Owners will have the opportunity to correct worrisome behaviors before they become expensive incidents.

Save Time

It can be a real time saver to be able to watch two places at the same time. This is possible with the DigiTech camera because it acts as a second set of eyes. The footage can be viewed when time is available instead of having to constantly check in with phone calls or waiting for messages. Time spent in court due to theft or traffic accidents can also be reduced by having reliable footage available from the start.


  • Instant Security

    The DigiTech camera protects users from being the victim of several crimes without evidence. Invasions of residence, car crashes, thefts and many other potentially terrible incidents can be easily captured in both audio and video so that users can be justifiably compensated and / or exonerated without enduring a lengthy process.

  • Can be Lots of Fun Too

    Portable cameras aren't just about the darker things in life, as they have become great tools for capturing adventures while they happen. Athletes and explorers alike can obtain an optional protective case that will let them take this camera just about anywhere. Kids and creative adults can also use the device to make their own movies or other types of entertainment with ease.


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Latoya Garza - (Seattle, WA)
Posted: 12 May 2016
I have something to say!

I had placed an order for this camera product from me seeing an AD about it on TV.
I had used my Visa Card to pay for it on: May 03,2016.
Order# they gave me is: 100312001301.
After that they sent me an E-Mail stating that an order has been placed by me and that this is my order #.
That they would send me another E-Mail when the product is in route to me or shipped to me.
As of yet, I "still" have no such E-Mail telling me that they have shipped my order!
I now cannot seem to find a Customer service Ph. # to call them and se what happened to my order!
So I ask "Whoever" can help me in finding a way to contact them ( I would like or Perfer a Ph. # so I can actually speak to someone there ).
So if at this time I was asked to review or comment on them., Well all can say at this time is a loud, " UN -satisfied!
M. R. Wise at:
Maybe someone can help me with them?!?!

Thank you!

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