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Curlicue is a unique type of curling iron that is indented in a spiral shape to create tight curls in any type of hair. It is an original styling wand that is applied to hair to create bouncy curls that mimic the ones done professionally at a salon. Curlicue works for all types of hair, whether it’s long or damaged. It includes a swivel cord so that the user can curl their hair at any angle while the curling iron is plugged in. To curl the hair with Curlicue, users clip their hair into the curling barrel and the tool is supposed to do the rest. Additionally, it’s safe to use because the barrel stays cool to the touch.

The Claim

Now you can experience bouncy, sexy, salon-quality curls with the gorgeous spiral and bounce you’ve always been looking for! You’ll look like you just stepped out of a salon every day of the week and you won’t have to pay even close to the professional prices! Curlicue is a revolutionary new hairstyling wand that does the work for you- just clip your hair into the curling barrel and the tool does the rest! Curlicue works on any types of hair and can transform even the dullest hair into sexy, stylish waves. Curlicue is so easy to use and the barrel always stays cool to the touch!



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The cost of Curlicue is $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping, for a total price of $27.98.
Product Score: 117 / 37 = 3.2

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