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CopperWear is a revolutionary performance fabric specifically designed to give you compression when you need it, so you can move the way you want. Muscle soreness can be bothersome and can keep you from enjoying life. It’s not only athletes who experience muscle soreness. Some daily activities can cause muscle soreness, too. If you find your ankles aching regularly or if you get sore elbows from doing your routine, you need CopperWear to provide you with relief. Compression devices reduce muscle soreness. It prevents too much swelling and improves the return of blood flow to the heart. Don’t let muscle soreness get the best of you. Wear CopperWear to get the relief you need.

The Claim

The CopperWear products are knee compression sleeves, ankle compression sleeves, wrist compression sleeves and calf compression sleeves. They are for men and women, from teens to seniors. CopperWear provides comfortable compression for ultimate flexibility. It conforms to every contour of your body while maintaining constant compression. CopperWear has extremely fast wicking. Moisture is absorbed and released rapidly. Compared to similar products, CopperWear has 30% more copper and is the only compression product with copper and anti-bacterial and anti-odor agents permanently bonded into the microfiber. They will never wash out because they are literally part of the fabric. If you’re an athlete recovering from an injury, wearing CopperWear will improve your circulation and reduce lactic acid build-up. If you’re not into an active lifestyle, but you just improvement in how you do your daily routine, CopperWear will do you wonders.



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The cost of Copper Wear is $14.99 plus $4.99 shipping, for a total price of $19.98.
Product Score: 365 / 127 = 2.9

Special Offer

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What is CopperWear?

It is the revolutionary compression apparel made with 30% more embedded copper that will keep you cool and dry, but will give you supreme compression and extreme comfort. These compression sleeves will allow you to do all the things you want to do in life and help you move the way you want for everyday tasks.

How does it work?

The copper is built into the fabric. The embedded copper has maximum odor protection and also protects you from bacteria with the antibacterial agents. This reduces muscle aches and supports any part of your body without making you stiff. The Eco-friendly InFiber™ Technology absorbs and releases all the moisture and controls heat. This allows anyone to recover from injury, prevent soreness all the while you can stay competitive in any sport you do. 

How It’s Different From Other Competitors:

  • Moisture is absorbed and released quickly
  • 30% more copper than other compression wear
  • Copper and antibacterial agents permanently embedded in fabric
  • Very soft fabric 
  • Wearable even when sleeping


  • Reduces muscle soreness
  • No more excessive swelling
  • Improves blood flow to the heart
  • Comfortable fits on every curve of body
  • Flexible to move freely
  • Anti-odor protection
  • Machine-washable

Who can use this?

Anyone. Men and women. Anyone from teens to seniors.

Questions You’ve asked:

What is GCOOL made of?

GCOOL™  fabric is knit or woven. This assures quality that can give you all sorts of qualities you look for in a performance fabric. GCOOL only uses the eco-friendly InFiber™ Technology (IT) which isn’t unlike any other performance fabrics being made by competitors. The perks of IT is that moisture is absorbed and let out making sure it is not trapped inside. It also gives you thermo control which regulates the temperature making sure it doesn’t keep you too warm. Another great quality about it is anti-bacterial protection which will make sure you don’t have any bacteria building up inside of the fabric. All these amazing advantages, but it is not made of any harsh chemicals. It is guaranteed that it will never wore off and what you buy will remain exactly how it was the first time of usage.

What’s the point wearing CopperWear t-shirts?

Our CopperWear Compression t-shirts make sure they support every muscle and joint from the neck to the back that ever could give you pain or uncomfortable soreness. You can even wear them under any of your regular day clothes and you won’t even notice that you’re wearing it. It’s so comfortable you can even sleep with it. Not to mention that the shirt will absorb all the sweat during the day or night and release it right away. And don’t worry about smelling in it, because the anti-odor will get rid of any funky smell.

Do CopperWear compression socks really make a difference??

Yes, absolutely. These Copper compression socks make sure to lessen the lactic acid building up and deliver more oxygen to your heart. All these transportation of oxygen makes sure to keep the circulation going well. You can wear the socks all day without feeling like your feet are suffocating or your releasing bad odor into the air.  

Why buy it?

With this you can relieve any part of your body that is giving you discomfort. It moves and conforms with your body. Why not make your body feel better with this. It is priceless to go through every day without any pain. And copper will never wash out of the fabric. Increase your performance in a sport or any every day task. Start experiencing the amazing difference in your body right now. You can be pain-free and comfortable while still building towards your goals in sports or every day activities. 

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