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Copper Crisper

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The Copper Crisper is an elevated crisping tray first, which is made from non-stick mesh designed to cook evenly on all sides simultaneously. This alleviates the need for consumers to turn anything like rotating fries to the other side. It also reduces burning the food which often happens when baked foods get stuck to the bottom of a non-ventilated tray.

The second part is the ceramic non-stick cookie sheet which rests beneath the elevated tray and catches any drippings, crumbs, or grease falling from the mesh basket. This is designed to keep the oven clean and when not in use as part of the Copper Crisper, it can be used on its own.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Copper Crisper is $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping. The special TV offer allows a free gift which you will receive by paying the extra shipping fee of $7.99 for a total price of $35.97.
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  • Nice Oven Fryer

    The Copper Crisper is an air fryer design mixed with copper materials. It claims to go above and beyond traditional air fryers. This is done because of the copper bake pan beneath the copper crisper container, which prevents anything from dripping to the bottom of your oven and instead catches it.

  • Slightly Healthier

    It keeps some foods healthier. Foods that are traditionally fried, like onion rings, chicken strips, mozzarella sticks, and others can be baked now in the oven with all of the fats and butters traditionally baked inside removed. The air vents through the bottom which cooks everything evenly on the top and bottom, then the dripping fats or oils fall onto the copper pan below.


  • Taste is Not the Same

    Most ovens don’t offer the appropriate air speed or heat required to really get a fried-like taste without using oil or butter. Even with the mesh screen and the cookie sheet provided by Copper Crisper, it won’t really give the same taste results as an air fryer.

  • Not Copper

    The company claims that consumers get a “copper crisper” and the “copper baking sheet”. However, the baking sheet is made from ceramic which is what gives it the non-stick aspect and the crisper is made from Teflon, so this is a bit misleading. This verbiage tricks consumers into thinking they are getting real copper cookware for a fraction of the typical copper cookware cost.

  • Double Shipping and Handling

    The catch is that when you place the order, the two parts ( the elevated tray and the copper bake sheet ) are not included in a single order. Instead, you have to pay for shipping and handling for both. You can opt out of buying the cookie sheet if you want and avoid paying for the shipping and handling costs but that negates the only real stand-out feature of the product.


  • Other Options

    There are other air fryers out there, including Cooklite Aero, AirWave, and Big Boss Oil-Less. All of these cost roughly the same amount of money and they all work in the same way. They each have a bottom cup inside of which food is placed. Above this is the heating element which creates the hot air. The hot air is then circulated by a fan to cover all of the food evenly. Some of these alternatives are meant to work without the oven, but they create the same sequence of cooking events. This browns the exterior of the food and keeps the moisture sealed inside.

Critical Advice

This product claims to be a special fryer, but do not be fooled. While it works just fine, by definition it is not a fryer. A “fryer” requires frying, which requires the foods to be placed in boiling oil. While the new product looks like the same fryers fast food companies place into the boiling oil, it relies on hot air to cook. Copper Crisper claims that it gives consumers the same results as an air fryer but uses an oven. An air fryer is still not really a fryer because no oil is involved, and generally an air fryer is used to reheat frozen foods, not cook new foods.


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