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Cookina is an ideal cooking product to have in your home as it means you won’t have to keep cleaning your oven or your BBQ. Made from 100% food safe polymer fabric this product will ensure that cooking in your home and on your BBQ is a breeze. What’s more is it will ensure there are no flare ups and your food will slide off very easily each and every time. This product is also great for using in a smoker, your microwave and even in baking pans and tins. Just cut it to the right size and use it with ease.

The Claim

The infomercial claims that Cookina helps to keep your grill, your oven and your BBQ clean. It’s dishwasher safe, reversible and easy to clean too. This product is ideal to for use on BBQ’s, and you’ll even find it easy to cook with cheese as it will not stick. The infomercial also goes on to say that this product can also be used as a baking sheet and food that you bake will simply slide off with ease. Used as an oven liner, Cookina can also help your oven to stay clean so you have less mess to clear up.

Total Cost Breakdown

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How It Works

Cookina is a cooking and grilling sheet for the kitchen and outdoors, plus an oven protector, all rolled into one. You can cook virtually any food on it, and it will keep your oven, grill, microwave or smoker clean. It’s the longest sheet of its kind available, but for use with different machines, you can simply cut it down to the appropriate size. It can even be cut down to use as a pan protector. The Cookina is reversible, dishwasher safe, and can even be rinsed clean if it hasn’t been made excessively dirty.


  1. Grilled Meat
  2. The Cookina is ideal to use when you’re grilling meat on the barbecue. It will preserve the flavor of your meat, and keep the standard grill marks, while ensuring that nothing falls through the grill’s cracks.

  3. Fish
  4. The Cookina can also be used to effectively grill fish, offering the same benefits as it does when grilling meat.

  5. Grilling Vegetables
  6. It’s normally very hard to grill vegetables, as they’ll slip through your grill’s cracks more easily than a piece of meat will. However, spreading the Cookina over your grill will get rid of this problem.

  7. Messy Foods
  8. When using the Cookina, you can cook chili dogs or other meals that involve messy or sticky sauces on the barbecue, without these sauces slipping through the cracks. This means you’ll actually get to enjoy more of a sauce’s delicious flavor, too.

  9. Melting Cheese
  10. Thanks to the Cookina, you’ll be able to easily melt cheese on virtually anything, including pizzas, without it sticking to the bottom of your grill, oven, or microwave.

  11. Indoor Baking
  12. You can cut your Cookina sheet down to use it within cooking pans when you’re making bread, pies, cakes, cookies, and the like. By doing so, you’ll ensure that your creations don’t get stuck to their pans.

Positive Points

  • Made Of Polymer
  • Each Cookina sheet is made of polymer fabric, which is 100 percent safe for any food to touch.

  • Reduces Grill Flare-ups
  • Grill flare-ups can be dangerous, and are certainly irritating to deal with. Luckily, your Cookina will reduce the chances of these occurring, as it will block the grill’s holes that the flames normally spew through.

  • Black
  • All the Cookina sheets are black, so you are easily able to see the dirt on them when you’re rinsing them by hand.

  • Easy Storage
  • Your Cookina sheet can be rolled up for easy storage in a drawer or cabinet.

  • Less Wasted Food
  • You’ll always have less waste than you would otherwise when using Cookina, since less food will fall down into your grill or get stuck to any of your cooking devices.

Negative Points

  • Can’t Restore After Cutting
  • While it’s a plus that you can cut your Cookina down to any size you want, it is impossible to restore the original size after you’ve cut it. Hence, if you need a longer sheet again, you’ll have to buy a new one.

Save Money

If you invest in a Cookina three-in-one sheet, you’ll save money you would otherwise need to spend on aluminum foil or wax paper, two common but non-reusable alternatives.


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