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Comfort Click Belt

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The Comfort Click belt is a new belt designed to click comfortably into place, exactly where desired. It is designed with a ratcheting track system so that the belt can be adjusted along the track until users find the perfect spot. With a simple release lever, the belt can be fastened into place, adjusted, or removed. Next time weight or size fluctuates, consumers can stick with the same belt and it will never wear or tear the way traditional belts do. Available in black or brown genuine leather with a steel buckle, this belt can fit with any formal and professional attire.

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  • Adjustable Belt System!

    For those who always find themselves stuck in between belt holes, or trying to mend a worn out belt which has stretched with time, this belt offers a nice alternative.

    It features black or brown leather belts with steel buckles and an adjustable ratcheting track system so that it can be snapped into place with the perfect fit, each time.


  • One Belt for All

    Going up a pant size does not mean buying a new belt.

    Going up multiple pant sizes does not mean a new belt either. It does away with trying to carefully cut new holes in an existing belt.

  • Adjustments Made Easily

    With the multiple adjustments, changes are easy. There is a quick release lever built into the belt which allows consumers to adjust it along the ratcheting track or take it on or off.

  • Multiple Sizes

    The belt has a micro-adjustable ratcheting track system so you can move it as needed up or down. This means that after consuming a heavy meal, the belt need only be moved along the ratcheting track until it fits the right size.

    Consumers are no longer going to get stuck in between belt holes. The current model does only fit sizes ranging from 28 inches to 52 inches for the waist.

  • Flexible Design

    Not only are the sizes flexible, but the conservative design and lack of print do make the brown and black belts flexible for professional use with office attire, evening events, or family get-togethers.

    The leather design is one of the more popular belt materials and the steel belt buckle can generally fit all outfits, so it can be worn with any classic ensemble.


  • A Few Pitfalls

    They are only available in traditional black or brown leather designs. This makes it suitable for men, but not as much for women.

    The belts are also marketed toward men, without a clear female alternative to the otherwise conservative style.

    These belts are made from genuine leather and the buckle is crafted from steel and zinc.

    However, if you wanted to add a different belt buckle or invest in another material, there is no such option.

    It is limited in its size, so while it claims that one belt is the only thing needed for all outfits, there are limits. The belt will not fit those who are below 28 inches in waist or above 52 inches in waist.

    If you are wearing the belt and accidentally hit the quick release lever, you might find yourself caught with your pants down—literally.

Does It Really Work?

All signs indicate that it does in fact work. Men can wear the belt and with the simple release level, put it on with myriad outfits. The belt can be adjusted throughout the day as necessary and ratcheted into place in a single click.

It can also be removed with the same ease. If any function on the belt breaks, then the entire ratcheting track will stop functioning as smoothly, which makes it useless as a belt.


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