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Colorama is a coloring book that was designed specifically for adults. This coloring book has images that are full of intricate patterns and small details. Using these coloring pages will make you feel good about your artistic abilities. It will also help you unwind at the end of the day helping to relieve stress. There is no right or wrong way to do it. Just sit back and color the beautiful images and remove them from the book when you are finished.

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The cost of Colorama is $12.99 plus $6.99 shipping, for a total price of $19.98.
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  • Over 100 Pictures

    The Colorama coloring book has over 100 pictures.

  • Variety of Images

    There are a variety of images you can color when using this coloring book so you do not get sick of doing the same thing over and over again. You can color pictures of gardens, flowers, mystical circles, paisleys, stained glass and so much more.

  • Pocket Companion

    Every order also comes with the Colorama Pocket Companion. This is a miniature coloring book that you can bring with you everywhere you go. It is perfect to bring with you on an airplane or in the car.

  • Deluxe Pencil Set

    You will also be provided with the Deluxe Pencil Set which features six double sided pencils. This gives you a total of twelve different colors to choose from.

  • One Sided Paper

    Every image is printed on one sided acid free paper. This is perfect because you do not have to worry about markers seeping through the pages and ruining images on the back. You can also tear out an image once you are finished with it.


  • Frame Them

    Since the pages only have one image on them you can easily frame your favorite pages.

  • Great Gifts

    These coloring pages make for the perfect personalized gift. Now you can give someone one of your works of art and they will love it because you did it yourself.

  • Color With Anything

    The acid free paper lets you color with anything on these images. Use pencils, markers, pastels, water color paint, or crayons - it is all a matter of preference. You can even combine different types of coloring tools in one picture. Make outlines with markers and color in with pencils. The creative possibilities are endless.

  • Designed for Adults

    One of the great things about this coloring book is that the images were designed to be colored by adults. A lot of coloring books on the market are childish and have juvenile images. The complex patterns are what make these images truly beautiful.

  • Be an Artist

    This coloring book gives everyone the opportunity to be an artist. Once you are finished an image you can sit back and be proud of your hard work and the final product.

How It Works

The purpose of Colorama is to help you unwind after a long day. It is supposed to help you relieve stress and tension making you feel more relaxed and it does exactly that. The complex patterns force you to focus your energy on creating these beautiful images. This takes your mind off of the stressful day and gives you time to decompress.


  • Poor Eyesight

    If you have poor eyesight it will be difficult for you to complete the drawings. The small details might be overlooked but you can still use the coloring book because there are no right or wrong ways to complete the pictures.

  • Time Consuming

    No matter what, completing these images is time consuming. It will probably take you a few drawing sessions to complete one image but remember at the end it is worth it - be patient.


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