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Climb Ease

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The Climb Ease is a new carrying cart that brings a fresh perspective onto an old design. Rather than just being an enclosed cart, or a loading dolly, it starts off by combining these two worlds. Instead you can have both in one setting. The custom carrier can be taken off for a flat dolly platform or left on for carrying groceries. What's more, it has six wheels that naturally climb up stairs and do the effort for you.

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The cost of Climbe Ease is $39.99 plus $12.99 shipping. The special TV offer allows a free gift which you will receive by paying the extra shipping fee of $6.99 for a total price of $59.97.
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  • Does the Work for You

    Climb Ease is a revolutionary new take on traditional carts. It has a six wheel design which naturally grabs and climbs stairs. In total it weighs just four pounds so transporting it with you is easy. The load is carries by the structure itself, with all the heavy lifting done on your behalf. There are always four wheels on the ground which increases stability and improves balance. People who are older, younger, recovering from injuries, or anything else can stop putting out effort just to move things. .

  • Multi-surface Uses

    The versatile design lets you use it outside or inside. You can use it on outside stairs, inside stairs, curbs, rises, around your office, on vacation, in an apartment or dorm, along soft surfaces, along steep inclines, or for over sized loads.

  • Custom Carrier

    The custom carrier attaches around the unit in seconds, so you can convert an open cart to a carrying cart. If you instead need an open cart to carry things like a travel bag and suitcase, leave the carrier off and just stack your luggage.

  • Stores Easily

    When not in use, you can just fold it up flat and store it.


  • One Size

    As of right now there is only one size, so people who want larger carts for regular workplace uses will need to look elsewhere.

How It Works

The device works by taking advantage of physics. This is done with the three wheel sections for each side of the cart. Rather than having a single wheel which you have to force to go up or down stairs, or force across rough terrain, you get three wheels on each side. The three then constantly turn, rotating one on top of the other which takes away the effort of having to otherwise hoist it.

How it's Different from Competitors

Compared to its competitors, the most obvious advantage to the Climb Ease is how easily it climbs without users putting forth any effort. Beyond this, it is different insofar as it can carry many things thanks to the flat base, making it perfect for use at home or in the office. Alternatives are typically designed for one over the other.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Fill

    You can stack things like boxes on top of the flat base, or cover the cart with the carrying case and then fill it.

  2. Pull

    Take your cart where ever you need to go just by pulling on the handle. No effort is needed to pull or even to climb up stairs.


  • Home and Kitchen Carts

    There are a handful of alternatives, some more similar to this cart than others. The regular home and kitchen utility carts are similar rectangular or square designs, often made of metal cages. There are two front wheels smaller than the two back wheels so that you can balance it on the back wheels as you drag it behind you.

    With a handle bar, you can take it with you to and from stores, filling the cart with your goods. Taking it up or down stairs, across lawns, or anything else can be tricky though, as you have to keep it balanced on the back wheels and hoist it up one stair at a time.

  • Utility Carts

    Utility carts are often squarer in size, with four wheels of equal size. They have two handlebars at the top rather than one bar across the front. The base wheels are attached to two bars which cross at the center of each of the four sides to give extra support to the center mass. Often inside of these carts are cloth bags that are removable so that your goods do not all out and are protected from the elements.

  • Wheelbarrow Carts

    A newer take on wheelbarrows makes it easier to transport larger goods in a long wheelbarrow shape. With the same four wheels, crossbars for central support, and handle, you can tug these designs behind you as you walk. The handles rest lower though, so you might have trouble moving it downhill, and will certainly have trouble pulling it up stairs.

  • Material Carts

    Material handling products are similar in the cart design and structure, but they are meant for office use. As such, they are designed with firmer structured baskets that are not removable, and intended to carry boxes or files around an office. The four wheels are smaller though, and effort is required to move it up stairs or drag it across elements like grass or sand. These are not meant for outdoor use, rather, for indoor office use specifically.


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