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Climb Cart

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Climb Cart is a six wheel folding cart which you can use to climb up stairs easily. Using this cart you can fold open the bottom base section, place anything you want to move on top, and then secure it in place while you easily pull up stairs or over curbs. Such a design reduces strain while making it faster and safer to transport things like garden supplies, office supplies, or even home decor, furniture, or laundry.

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  • Six Wheels

    With the six wheel design you can use this cart to literally climb up stairs.

  • Portable

    Using this design you are able to take the cart anywhere you go. You can decide to use it primarily indoors, bringing things up and down the stairs inside. Even if you only ever use it around holidays or when you are cleaning out a closet, it still comes in handy. Alternatively, the unit is easily portable, sturdy, and lightweight which means you are take it anywhere you go. Shopping is easier, moving is easier. Bring it anywhere you need to move things. Even keep one at the office to transport files up and down stairs.

  • Folds Flat

    When you are not using it, the entire unit folds up flatly so you can store it compactly. Of course the wheel base is still there but otherwise the rest of it is flat.

  • Strong

    This unit can hold up to one hundred pounds which makes it great for moving lots of heavier items, like holiday decorations from the attic or office file boxes going into storage.

How It Works

Climb Cart is one of many new climbing carts which boasts the six wheel design allowing it to traverse small obstacles or stairs with ease. Hard landscapes, rocky landscapes, uneven terrain, and stairs are no longer an issue.

Said cart features three wheels on either side which rotate, grab, and rotate whenever they come across a stair. As such, you can pull the cart up an individual stair with less effort. Gravity and physics do most of the work for you.

Using a six wheel design is truly is much easier to move things up and down stairs compared to a standard cart or a dolly. Moreover, the compact size allows you to break it down and store it in a car or closet easily.


  • Not a Complete Replacement

    While it does work well, and meets all of the claims of the company, it does not replace a heavy duty dolly if that is what you need. With its weight limit of only one hundred pounds it is much better suited for smaller home jobs, laundry, or groceries. For heavier jobs, use a regular dolly.

  • Down Versus up

    Going up stairs with this is much easier, but going down stairs does not work as effectively. When you are going down a set of stairs, especially if the cart is full, then you might end up bending over in order to hold onto the handle. For a heavier load, this could potentially strain your back.

  • Slower Shipping

    Due to the fact that this is a relatively new product, the shipping times from the company are longer than other, older designs readily available on commercial sites with two day shipping options.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Unfold

    Start by unfolding the bottom rack until it is flush with the ground. As you do this, the wheels on either side will open and rest in place too.

  2. Lift

    Grab the handle and lift it upright to whatever height you need based on your height.

  3. Then go

    Place things on the bottom flat base and go.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Many Uses

    Too much weight can produce injuries, especially when people are pulling. Whether you are pulling indoors or outdoors, it can cause strain in the arms and back. When using a cart like this, the design of the wheels reduce the actual effort required to carry items up a set of stairs. You can move potted plants, large vases, furniture, boxes, laundry, and almost anything else you can think of.

  2. Secure Items

    Note that the unit does not actually come with a bag or box which attaches to the cart. As such, you need to supply your own. Part of supplying your own means you need to find something which is approximately the right size. There are some individually sold bags that have things like velcro hooks to wrap around the handle and the back of units similar to this. If, however, you are planning on moving heavier things like a large potted plant or a piece of furniture, it is best to secure it with things like moving straps.

    Using something like moving straps or rope will keep the items in question from moving side to side on the cart while in transport, but will also prevent them from falling forward. This is important when you go to sit things down. Leverage helps you when you pull the items back, at an angle necessary to climb up stairs or drag the cart behind you. Nonetheless you should secure it if you are moving down stairs or anything in between.

How it's Different from Competitors

This cart is not too different from other six wheel designs. Almost all of the unique six wheel designs today have the same type of base, back, and three sets of wheels on either side. Most of them also have the two sets of wheels on one side and flat parts to rest firmly on the ground for the other side. Other options have higher weight limits or come with bags that secure inside, and some have a cage design that somewhat limits the size or shape of things you can carry within it.


  • Upcart

    Upcart is a similar all terrain climbing cart. Using it you can move bulky items with less effort both up and down stairs. With a six wheel design it means four wheels are always on the ground, and two others are rotating over the curb, stair, or any other design in the way. Rubber wheels will not leave marks on the floor but make it easier to move outdoors or indoors. Telescoping handles allow users to customize the height but it is not very tall even at the tallest setting.

  • Dbest Trolley Dolly

    DBEst is a folding balanced trolley which also has three wheels on either side. It comes with a beverage holder and is available in five colors. Bags on the outside make it easier to carry things and the fabric is weatherproof so your goods remain dry.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Climb Cart online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Climb Cart online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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Cathie - (Cranston, RI)
Posted: 25 May 2017
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Ordered 5-22. When will it arrive?

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Carl - (Watsonville, CA)
Posted: 06 May 2017
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What is and how good is the 10 year warranty on the Climb Cart?

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Roy - (Hermantown, MN)
Posted: 05 May 2017
I have a Question

For someone six ft. Tall, or for reducing the body bending when using the cart to descend stairs, the ability to extend handle would be of great assistance.

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