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Clear Tv

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Clear TV is an ultra thin HD digital antenna that allows you to intercept television signals for free. The closer you are to a broadcasting tower, the more channels you will pick up. The most important thing you need to know about this device is:

  • It Works!; &
  • It's not much different than any other digital antenna.
We've conducted a complete review of the Clear TV finding all the pros, cons, and everything the advertisers don't tell you about it. You don't have to take our word for it; see the over 143 real customer opinions & reviews here.

The Claim

The As Seen on TV commercial boasts about never having to pay for satellite or cable again. They compare having this antenna to cable and satellite. $960 per year is the amount of money the company claims you can save by canceling your cable or satellite service and using only the Clear TV. Is you were to cancel these services for 10 years you'd save in excess of $10,000; an astronomical figure for home entertainment. The spokesman is seen using this device on a boat, something that could never be done using traditional TV providers. The benefits of their product are all the areas that people detest about their current services, such as rate increases, excessive channels that you will never watch, and being locked into a contract. With an antenna you are committed to no one and will not face these irritations.
BUT WAIT! - Yes, there's more. They only tell you about how great their invention is.
There is a lot they don't tell you...

Total Cost Breakdown

Buy 1 From Official Site If you buy Clear TV from their official As Seen on TV website, you'll pay $19.95 plus $7.99 processing and handling. Your combined total for 1 antenna will be $27.94.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free By agreeing to the Official provider's Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer you will be required to pay 2x seperate processing and handing fees of $7.99 each. This results in your paying $19.99 for the first antenna, and $15.98 in processing and handing fess; for a total of $35.97.

Buy 1 From Online Store If you purchase a Clear TV from an online store such as, you'll pay $19.95 plus $9.99 processing and handling. Your combined total for 1 antenna will be $29.94.
While this is the more the slightly more expensive option ($2 more), there are additional benefits described below.
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Special Offer

Buy 1 Get 1 Free


  • Don't pay for channels you don't want.

    Large television service providers market their channels in packages. By using these packages she bundle 1 or 2 good channels, with 5 or more additional channels that hardly anyone wishes to watch on a consistent basis. This is a marketing ploy that makes the buyer believe they are getting more for their money. For example, they may be paying $80 a month for television; however, they are receiving over 100 channels!

    This sounds fantastic, but the fact is the average person only watches approximately 4 - 6 different channels. This means they are truly paying over $80 for 4 television channels, which is an absolute outrage.

    With Clear TV, it is true, you will NOT receive 100s of Channels. However, it is likely that you will receive some of your most desired networks.

    If you enjoy the thought of knowing you have 100 channels that you can flip through, then this device is not for you and you'd be better off sticking with your current service provider.

  • Its FREE!

    After your original investment, to buy the antenna, you will never receive a bill for your television service. It's true, as pointed out in the commercial, this could save you thousands of dollars; IF you are satisfied with Clear TV.

  • Clearer Than Cable

    This claim sounds impossible, but its true in some cases. If you do not have HD cable service, then you are likely receiving a compressed version of the broadcast. When you use an HD antenna, if the network is broadcasting in HD, your reception of their television programs will be in High Definition.

  • Ultra Thin

    While there are dozens of equal or better antennas available, the Clear TV is the thinnest antenna we were able to find. This allows you to position it in more places than it's bulky competitors.


  • It's just an Antenna

    If you were hoping for a revolutionary new way of getting free TV, then you will be disappointed. The Clear TV Digital HD Antenna, is just as the name states, and antenna. There are other antennas which you could purchase locally that would work just as good if not better.

  • 0 Channels

    There is a possibility that you will receive no channels at all. The way all antennas work is by intercepting airwave broadcasts in the area. If you live far from any sign of civilization, then chances are you will not pick up any channels. This of this as a very powerful 'rabbit ear antenna'. The closer you are to the broad cast towers, the more channels you will get and the clearer your reception will be.

  • Outdoor Antennas Are Better

    When you position an antenna within a building you decrease the signal catching properties. Further, if you wish to use this device in a basement, you can expect a diminished product. Anything that can cause interference between the broad casted signal and your antenna will decrease the amount of clear channels you receive.

  • Quality

    You get what you pay for. There have been multiple reports of users who have had different parts of the product fail on them. Jarin from NY had his amplifier quit working after 2 weeks. Ref 20 Nov 2014 Review.
    This is not to say that it is cheaply constructed; however, keep in mind you are paying $19.95 for something, you shouldn't expect it to last a life time. Other customers have reported using theirs for over 1 year with no problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does it Work?

    - Yes & No. It works great for some, average for others, and not at all for a few people. The device is legit; however, you must be within range of a television broadcasting tower. Be sure to read the customer reviews below.

  2. How Many Channels with Clear TV?

    - 0 to 50. In 2013, the advertising suggested that you could receive hundreds of channels. This has since been removed from their claims.

    - A few lucky customers have received 50 channels (some of which are non-english).

    - On average, people report that the clear TV allows them to receive between 10 and 20 channels.

    - You'll notice that a vast majority of people who post reviews report getting between 0 and 5 channels (no better than an old fashion antenna)

  3. Why so Many Negative Reviews?

    - When people are happy, or content, with a product they don't usually rush to post a review. When a person is upset that an item doesn't work as expected, they are more likely to submit a review; thus you will always find more negative than positive reviews. Keep in mind, if 1,000,000 units are sold, and there are only 100 negative reviews, that means there must be a lot of silent, satisfied customers.

  4. Will it Replace Cable or Satellite?

    - No! Antenna television is ideal for people wishing to save money. It is not a replacement for cable or satellite TV, unless you are not a avid TV watcher.

What the Infomercial Says

The Infomercial claims that Clear TV can bring you free broadcast of your favorite television shows that can look as good as cable or even better than satellite broadcasts. There are no contracts, no monthly fees and no rate increases. Instead of paying an average of $80 per month for a basic cable and satellite subscription, just use the digital antenna to enjoy and watch your favorite broadcast network shows free of charge. Stop paying hundreds of dollars for extra channels that you may not even watch. With Clear TV, you can instantly receive top-rated network shows, local news and weather broadcasts as well as sporting events. Just plug in the device and you're ready to watch free shows in your living room, or anywhere you have a TV. This is completely legal too with government mandating a law that all broadcasters are required to transmit digital TV signals through the airwaves. Clear TV picks up these signals and brings it directly to your television.

No Premium Channels

(Ex. HBO, The History Channel, The Discovery Channel, A&E, TBS, etc.)

Clear TV is only able to receive free HD broadcast network channels such as NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, PBS, The CW etc.

Premium channels are never broadcasted freely over airwaves.

How Many Channels You'll Receive

If you are not within approximately 30 miles of a broadcast tower, you run the risk of not being able to receive any channels.

Here's Help: The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has posted a web app, that allows you to type in your ZIP code to determine where Digital TV signals are near your location here: Digital TV Reception Map
This app is not without error. There are instances where the FCC service my state that you are highly likely to receive a signal; however, you won't be able to du to interference or terrain.


The Clear TV antenna will work if you are within 25 miles of a broadcast tower, granted there is no interference. It is not a substitute for cable or satellite TV; as you will not receive all the same channels. It only picks up Broadcast Network Channels. The two most popular concerns with this product are poor customer service, and users reporting it as being only slightly more effective than a traditional lower priced antenna.

Our recommendation: Read our full report and know what you are getting before you decide to buy.
Alternatives can be found at Wal-Mart.

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