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Bunch O Balloons

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Bunch O Balloons are compact devices that will enable you to quickly blow up 35 water balloons at once, without a great deal of physical labour. Each consists of 35 plastic straws attached to a connector that will attach to any hose you choose to use to fill your balloons. You won't even need to supply the balloons yourself, as they come attached to the ends of the straws. In each set of Bunch O Balloons, you'll get three bags, and each bag contains three of these handy devices.

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The cost of Bunch O Balloons is $19.99 plus $3.99 shipping, for a total price of $23.98.
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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Connect to Water Supply

    Before you start filling up your water balloons, you'll have to connect one of your Bunch O Balloons devices to a water supply, such as a garden hose. You can use the included quick connect adapter to help you do so, although this is not necessary. Regardless of whether you use the adapter or simply connect the top of your device to your hose, you'll need to screw it on tightly by twisting it to the right.

  2. Fill up Balloons

    Once you've connected a device to a source of water, you can turn the water on, and you'll notice that the balloons attached to the ends of your device's straws will start to fill up. When they expand to about the size of an apple, turn of the water. At that point, the balloons will start to fall off the straws, tying themselves as they do so. It's best to have a large container positioned beneath your device as you're filling, so it can catch the balloons and prevent them from rolling away.

  3. Get Ready for Fun

    After your balloons are filled with water, and have fallen off the straws of your filling tool, you can go ahead and play with them. If any balloon hasn't fallen off its straw, it can be gently pulled off.


  • Variety of Colours

    Bunch O Balloons devices come with balloons in a variety of colors, including purple, orange, pink, green, blue, and yellow. In each bag of three filling tools, you'll get three different ( random ) colours of balloons.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    The straws attached to every device are made of recycled plastic, and can be recycled again. All other parts of each tool, including the balloons, have been made from biodegradable material.

  • Come With Ammo Bags

    With each set of nine Bunch O Balloons devices, you'll get two ammo bags. You'll be able to use these to carry your balloons from place to place, if necessary, and they're also great for carrying other small items.

Positive Points

  • For Boys and Girls

    Unlike many children's toys, Bunch O Balloons have not been designed specifically for one gender over the other. Both boys and girls can have fun tossing the multicoloured ballloons that they've used these devices to fill.

  • Fun at Parties

    At large and small gatherings of family members and / or friends, kids and adults alike can engage in water balloon games to pass the time in an enjoyable way. When you use Bunch O Balloons to fill your balloons, you'll be able to fill 100 or more in a minute, so you won't waste a lot of time during which you could be playing.

Critical Advice

If you don't want to run the risk of popping any of your balloons, make sure that you turn your water supply off before they get much larger than an apple's size. They will stretch to be a bit bigger, if you'd like them that way, but keep in mind that the larger they get, the higher the risk of popping.


  • Supervise Young Children

    Bunch O Balloons are safe for kids aged six and older to use, but kids under eight should be supervised by an adult while doing so. If not, they could choke on the small pieces of broken balloons.

  • Pick up Garbage

    When you're done playing with your balloons, ensure that you pick the pieces of broken ones up off the ground, so animals don't eat them and get sick.


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