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Bun And Thigh Train

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Bun And Thigh Train is a piece of at home workout equipment that targets your lower body and lower abs. This machine uses the same technology as expensive gym equipment but it gives you results faster. All you have to do is sit, put your feet on the foot rests and start working out. The machine is low impact and has various resistance levels making it perfect for people of all ages and fitness levels.

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Does It Really Work?

Yes, Bun And Thigh Train really does work. The secret behind this product is its shape which is a patented revolutionary u-zone arc with nearly perfect bio-kinetic movement. This movement then creates resistance on the inner and outer thighs, butt and lower abs. All of this means that this one piece of equipment gives you strength training, conditioning and a cardio workout all at once. In order to get similar results in the gym you would have to use six different lower body machines. Essentially, Bun And Thigh Train is a six in one piece of workout equipment.


  • Resistance Levels

    This piece of workout equipment has three different resistant levels that you can set yourself using rubber bands. The green bands are for beginners and fat burning cardio. These bands provide the lowest amount of resistance. There are blue bands which provide an intermediate level of resistance. Finally, the red bands provide the most resistance and are used for strength training and muscle building.

  • Nutritional Guide

    Every order also comes with the Train Right Nutritional Guide. This guide provides you with healthy meals, eating plans and tips to help you see results faster.

  • Train Right Dvd

    You will also be provided with the Train Right dvd. This is a five minute workout DVD that will help you achieve results fast.

  • Waist Trainer

    You will also receive the Train Right Waist Trainer. The infomercial claims that it will instantly make your midsection look two sizes smaller.

  • Compact and Portable

    The compact and portable design features a handle which makes this product easy to move around.


  • Fast Workouts

    Workouts using this machine are fast. You only have to workout for five minutes a day.

  • Fast Results

    Working out in the gym can take months before you realize any changes to your body. The infomercial claims that by using this product you will see results in weeks as opposed to months.

  • Folds Flat

    Bun And Thigh Trainer folds flat in just a matter of seconds which makes for easy storage. You can store it under your bed or in the closet without a problem.

  • Little Assembly Required

    This product arrives at your door practically fully assembled. All you have to do is put the foot rests on the tracks.

  • Do it Anywhere

    You can use this machine anywhere. Use it while you are watching TV, at the office or even as you are sitting out by the pool.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Open it up

    The first step to using Bun And Thigh Train is to open it up. Just pull on the sides and it open flat.

  2. Resistance

    Put on the appropriate resistance bands. You will attach the band on the back of the foot rest and two knobs located under the track. Do the same for both foot rests.

  3. Sit Down

    Find a comfortable place to sit down and place your feet on the foot rests.

  4. Workout

    Move your legs open and closed by letting your feet glide along the tracks. Do this for five minutes.

  5. Fold

    When you are finished all you have to do is grab the center blue handle and lift up. The machine will fold flat.


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