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Bullworker Pro

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Bullworker Pro is the isometric exerciser that gives you the fastest way to build strength and power. Isometrics are the process of compressing and holding for seven seconds. It’s much more effective than traditional curls, crunches and flyes. Bullworker Pro is a portable isometric device that will get you ripped and give you strength without going to the gym to use the heavy and bulky machines. The Bullworker Pro is just a 2-lb fitness device yet it provides up to 100 lbs of resistance. It has different strings for different resistance levels so no matter what your fitness level is, the Bullworker Pro will work for you.

The Claim

The Bullworker Pro has over 40 isometric exercises than can build more strength than traditional weight lifting. If you’re not doing isometrics, you’re missing out on the fastest way to build strength and get ripped. The Bullworker Pro is portable. You can take it when you travel, bring it to work or wherever else you want to. You can fit it in a drawer or under the bed so it’s always accessible and ready to use. It comes with a smart timer that begins counting when the Bullworker is compressed and signals you when it’s time to release. With the Bullworker Pro, you can also do traditional repetition exercises that build and enhance definition. The Bullworker Pro is durable, with stainless steel construction, rubber-coated springs, gym-quality handles, and fixed-steel cables. It’s guaranteed to last for years. The Bullworker Pro is a serious piece of exercise equipment that will give you a serious workout.

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The cost of Bullworker Pro is $39.90 plus $14.95 shipping, for a total price of $54.85.
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A Complete Review

Bullworker Pro is the tool to use if you want to get in shape and build strength fast. Using isometrics, you can build strength quicker than you would if you used any other regime. This portable device weighs just 2 pounds, but it has an incredible 100 pounds of resistance that can get you in shape quickly. 

How well does it Work?

The Bullworker Pro works very well, in fact you’ll find that once you start using this great new strength-training tool that you’ll build muscles fast. Using a spring that will work hard for you, you can make the most of over 40 different exercises that will get you into shape. 

Positive Points

  1. The Bullworker Pro will give you sculpted biceps
  2. Tight obliques
  3. Leaner triceps
  4. Ripped abs
  5. A stronger back
  6. A bigger chest
  7. powerful shoulders
  8. defined calfs
  9. toned thighs
  10. and so much more
  11. It also comes complete with a smart timer that starts to count when the Bullworker is compressed.
  12. The timer also lets you know when you need to release it too

Negative Points

  • All the money you have spent on weight training equipment may have been in vain as the Bullworker Pro can do the same job
  • If you’re asked what gym you go to, and you mention that you don’t visit one, people may not believe you. This is because you will be sculpted and look like you work out at the gym almost every day.

How to use

The Bullworker Pro is easy to use: Simply compress it and hold in place for 7 seconds. This action helps to build more strength than curls, flys and crunches. Thanks to the set of light, medium and hard springs, you can add as much resistance as you wish, from 1 - 100 pounds. No matter what your fitness level, you will find that this product is great at helping you to get into shape.

Tips & Tricks

Because the Bullworker Pro is entirely portable, it can be taken just about anywhere with you. Take it when you travel for work or when you’re on vacation. Take it to the office so you can work out on your lunch break. Are you taking the kids to the park? Why not watch them play as you work-out? You don’t have to go to a gym or make lots of space in your spare room for this great new product. Simply take it with you if you’re going away, and use it when it’s convenient to. 

Our Results

When we tested the Bullworker Pro to see if it would live up to the hype, we were quite surprised. This product works well when it’s used as instructed, but it can also be used to undertake repetition exercises too. This can help to enhance your definition so you get bigger, bulkier muscles. Because this product is durable, it’s likely to last for many years. What’s more is it can easily be stored in a drawer or even under your bed if you don’t have much room. 


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Duane - (Gary, IN)
Reviewed on: 11 Apr 2016
I Recommend Buying it!

Computer Technician

I believe the Bullworker Pro is a great portable machine. I believe it delivers what is expected. I believe after the first 3 months of working with the Bullworker Pro that I will look as fit as the next man---or maybe a bit better. A few minutes ago I was told that the Bullworker Pro is no longer available for sale! It was only an advertising test! I explained to the woman on the phone that I was looking for the official chart for exercises and one that has ALL of the exercises on the chart. I explained that the chart I have only goes up to 34 exercises but the write up on my chart states there are 36 exercises. I was told that it all depends on what Bullworker I have. Not all have the same amount of exercises. Now I feel violated, trashed, cheated and stepped on. This product is being sold but not supported. And sold by older women at that! My suggestion; ask many many questions before buying. it may save you the heartaches I now have. My Bullworker is wearing out and a new one will be needed soon. Where do I get one.

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Bob - (West Unity, OH)
Reviewed on: 22 Jul 2015
I Recommend Buying it!

Don't Use This with Shoes On

This is a great little exerciser except when you exercise with shoes on, it is very very hard to get your shoe in the cables. I have 7 friends and we all workout together and none of us can get our shoes in the cables without a whole lot of fuss.

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