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Booty Max

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Booty Max uses multi-directional resistance technology to shape and lift the booty. This unit is targeted resistance training with a space saving design. The construction is heavy duty so it won’t break under strain. There are padded ankle cuffs so that the unit is comfortable to use. When not in use, it is self-storing, folding down onto itself and sliding nicely under a bed.

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The cost of Booty Max is $39.90 plus $9.95 shipping, for a total price of $49.85.
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Positive Points

  • Nutrition Guide

    Part of this set is a workout guide and nutrition guide. It bodes well for the success of the unit that they are including both. The company has emphasized the healthiest way to see results. While using exercise equipment for resistance training is great, it is not comprehensive. Having the right diet and the proper types of exercises work hand in hand.

  • Great Storage

    With the size of the unit, you can replace bulky weights or exercise equipment and instead have this single unit that is more compact. What's more, when it folds down onto itself, you can slide it in a drawer, under a couch or bed, or in a closet. This ensures it is out of the way when not in use.

  • Smart Dial Technology

    The smart dial muscle targeting technology lets you target the results you want and obtain them with seven different moves.

Negative Points

  • Limited Region

    It is limited with regard to the muscles it targets, so if you want to get better strength overall, you will need to rely on other equipment and exercises.

How It Works

This unit relies on resistance technology. As such, when you use it, you are completing resistance training. Such training focuses on making the muscles stronger. These exercises amount to small increases in musculature. Increases like these can make a big difference in athletic ability and daily activities. These exercises build muscle mass and enhance your power.

When you train muscles using anaerobic exercises, they develop differently. This leads to greater performance for high intensity activities. The exercises for this equipment use resistance to muscle contractions to build better strength, endurance, and size of your muscles

When you do them properly, resistance training can give better bone strength. Additionally, better tendon strength, muscle strength, and ligament strength. What’s more, they also give better endurance, better joint function, better cardiac function, and they reduce your risk of injury from weak muscles. If you are trying to lose weight for sports, these exercises help to maintain lead body mass. .


  • Squats

    The alternative to using a machine like this is to do butt toning exercises like squats and lunges. Squats, when done properly and safely, are among the more challenging and rewarding strength moves. Squats are great for the posterior muscle chain, the hips, and the knees. Of course, with a bad technique there is a serious risk of injury.

    There is no perfect stance for the feet. The most way to perform a squat is to find a foot position which is most comfortable for you. This ensures that you have symmetrical loading on both of your legs when you squat. You might need to have the toes slightly inward or the feet an inch or two wider than someone else. Males and females who listen to their body will find a self-selected position based on foot distance which best suits their body.

    With regard to how low you should go in your squat, there is a crude saying implying that with a squat the posterior should go so low that it reaches the ground. These deep squats engage different muscles, the further down you travel, but the end knee and hip flexions required for such squats are actually detrimental to your joints over time. So medium depth can be better for the long term.

    Interestingly enough, many people who practice their form in front of a mirror or watch themselves during squats naturally favor one leg or the over when they squat. You can avoid this by not watching yourself in front of a mirror when you squat. When you are only listening to your body studies show that you weight your legs equally during the squat. .

  • Yoga

    Yoga is a great way to tone the butt too, without the same type of pressure on the knees that squats and lunges might do. Butt targeting yoga relies on poses that use all parts of the butt muscles. .

Save Money

You can save money by replacing bulkier equipment with this single unit. Its compact nature means you save money on storage space too.

Save Time

Due to the targeted nature and the high calorie burning nature, you can exercise for less time and get the same results.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Strap

    To use, strap the padded ankle wrap to your left or right leg.

  2. Hold

    Hold the handle and stand on it.

  3. Kick

    Then kick with the seven exercises including the calf raise, kickback, hamstring curl, inner thigh, diagonal kick, outer thigh, and squat. Doing so maximizes your muscle activity, providing more calories burned in the same amount of time.


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