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The Bombay Green Coffee Bean is a new product sold out only in selected stores that promises a better weight loss management. With a formula derived from India’s exotic and highly fertile coffee fields, Bombay Green is proven to be a sought after product to help you lose weight effectively and safely.

The Claim

A powerful and new Green Coffee bean found in the fertile soils of India is now being talked worldwide by health doctors and is a hot topic in national television shows. What the infomercial claims about this product is its capacity to lose weight safely and effectively. The main formula this product brags is the Bombay coffee bean. It is made with one of the most rare and sought after green coffee beans on earth. What makes this green coffee bean extra special is that it came from the very fertile soil and high land altitudes in the Indian mountainsides. Since it grows under the shade instead of direct sunlight, the plant is said to be the finest coffee bean in the world. Grown without any chemicals, the plant is processed with 100% pure ingredients without fillers. Containing of about 50 Chlorogenic acid which helps support healthy blood sugar and stronger metabolism, this product is sure to help you lose weight.



Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Bombay Green is $14.99 plus $6.99 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Bombay Green by paying the extra shipping fee of $6.99 for a total price of $28.97.
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Special Offer

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What is it?

Bombay Green is a weight management supplement that includes green coffee bean extract in its formula. Bombay green is created from the green coffee beans grown in the fields of India and is being called a weight-loss miracle. With 850 mg of green coffee bean extract, its formula is bound to produce real and effective results.

How does it work?

Bombay Green contains 50% Chlorogenic Acid as well as coffee bean extract. Chlorogenic Acid helps the body break down fats easier by boosting metabolism. Green coffee beans are full of nutritional value and can aide in controlling blood sugar and appetite. With all of these beneficial factors working together as one, it’s no wonder the extra-strength formula is so amazingly effective. The best way to lose weight isn’t by starving oneself, but rather by naturally diminishing the appetite. Bombay Green’s pure green coffee bean extract curbs the appetite and still provides nutritional value.


Other weight loss formulas on the market don’t even come close to what Bombay Green has to offer. It kills the competition with its 850 mg of pure green coffee bean extract. Here are some additional advantages.

  • Even though it contains coffee beans, there’s no jittery or hyper feeling associated with it. Users will have natural energy that’s both healthy and beneficial.
  • The green coffee bean is grown in the shade instead of direct sunlight
  • Bombay Green is a safe, natural, and efficient way to lose and manage weight. It can boost energy and metabolism while curbing appetite and burning fat.

Why purchase it?

Bombay Green has given the world such a positive impression that it’s being talked about in magazines and on TV. The natural ingredients in Bombay Green have all the necessities to effectively lose weight. It affects energy, metabolism, blood sugar, and fat. All of these factors contribute to the weight-loss process. And while most weight management supplements contain only 200-400 mg of green coffee bean extract, Bombay Green has a hefty 850 mg per day! Bombay Green provides full nutritional supplements, giving the user confidence about their body while they are on the path to losing weight. There’s a reason Bombay Green is being talked about all over television. It’s because it’s the safest and most natural way to manage weight using green coffee bean extract.

About Bombay Green

Bombay Green is derived from the green coffee bean in the shaded coffee bean fields of India. This green coffee bean is desired by many people around the world because of its nutritional value. The makers of Bombay Green have extracted the green coffee bean to include it in an incredible weight management formula, along with Chlorogenic Acid to decrease fat absorption and burn fat faster.


Bombay Green is a safe, reliable, nutritional, and effective way to manage weight! This is a highly recommended way to lose weight while still being provided with maximum nutrition. Stop settling for diets that insist on starvation and instead rely upon a formula that works. Bombay Green is the best method for losing weight and increasing energy levels.

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