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Blue Hawk Dash Cam

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The Blue Hawk Dash Cam is a high definition video camera that is designed to help customers protect themselves from liability issues related to their vehicle. It is a large blue device that attaches to the top of the inside windshield with a suction cup adapter. A small screen can be flipped down to ensure the proper orientation. This camera also offers several impressive features, like night vision and a motion-sensor mode that will capture any suspicious activity while owners are away from their vehicle.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Blue Hawk Dash Cam is $39.99 plus $7.99 shipping, for a total price of $47.98.
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Save Money

There are a large variety of potentially expensive legal fees that can arise from incidents involving a vehicle. Having indisputable evidence is a crucial way to minimize these costs, and the Blue Hawk Dash Cam is designed to provide just that. Whether contesting traffic tickets, proving fault in accidents, or capturing vandals in the act, this product can be practically invaluable should such an unfortunate incident occur.

Save Time

Legal proceedings are not just costly, they also tend to take an unreasonable amount of time and energy to complete. Having readily available and verifiable information in the form of a high definition video will help legal professionals come to a conclusion quickly, reducing the amount of time wasted sitting in a court room. It can also help reduce time spent dealing with insurance companies.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Put in Place

    The upper limit of the inside windshield is the optimal placement area for this product. It should be cleaned first, then the suction cup base of the camera can be pressed against the glass to form a strong and lasting seal.

  2. Check View

    A handy flip-down screen can be extended from the bottom of the camera. Users can use this visual aid to ensure the camera is angled properly upon installation and at any other time in the future.

  3. Review When Needed

    The Blue Hawk Dash Cam has a built-in SD card slot that customers can use to transfer video to their home computer, or for bringing it to a professional for examination.


  • Video Processing

    Footage recorded with this camera will be automatically stabilized using an internal program. Video will also be clearly time stamped for easy reference, and the camera will adapt to darkness with a night vision mode.

  • Wide View

    The camera in this device is capable of capturing an area of 120 degrees. This allows the entire view in front of the vehicle to be filmed, preventing any important details from being missed.

  • Motion Activated

    An integrated movement sensor means that the Blue Hawk Dash Cam will start recording as soon as the vehicle is put into motion. It also ensures that any activity in front of the vehicle is filmed, providing protection in the case of vandalism or accidents that may occur while parked or away from the vehicle.

  • Safety Decal

    A blue window decal bearing the name of the product is included with the package. This can be useful for deterring criminal activities from occurring near the customers vehicle, and may even prevent break-in attempts by startling potential intruders.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does it Come With a Card?

    The Blue Hawk Dash Cam does not appear to include an internal storage card. Customers are advised to have their own SD card available when purchasing this device.

  • Is There a Bonus Offer?

    Yes, customers who purchase this product will get the option to take a two-for-one deal for an additional shipping and handling fee.


  • Forward View Only

    This camera will not capture footage within the car or otherwise behind its field of view. Therefore, customers will not be able to visibly identify activities that occur near or within any part of the car behind the windshield. However, the audio recording feature will work from all directions.


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