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Bambooee is a towel roll made out of bamboo. It is perforated and it fits perfectly on your paper towel dispenser. One roll of Bambooee replaced up to 286 paper towel rolls. It is strong, reusable and very affordable.

The Claim

Do you hate buying expensive paper towels? Now there’s a new type of paper towel that helps you in messy times. The Bambooee is the all-new towel roll made out of bamboo. It is super absorbent as opposed to the ordinary paper towel. It works on juice, milk, coffee, soda and so much more! You can use this for wiping your shower doors, cleaning your car, on your stovetops, bathroom sink and just about any part of your home. It is even reusable, you can wash Bambooee up to 100 times.



Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Bambooee is $10.00 plus $2.99 shipping, for a total price of $12.99.
Product Score: 52 / 14 = 3.7

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What Is It?

The Bambooee is a handy alternative to paper towels. It is harvested from bamboo, making it more environmentally friendly, as the bamboo grows back in just a year, unlike trees. Every roll contains 20 sheets, and every sheet can be washed up to 100 times, meaning that it can last for years and save you hundreds upon hundreds of rolls. The sheets can be used to clean up virtually every mess, and are safe on surfaces. Besides this, the sheets are also extremely durable. Unlike paper towels, they will not be ripped in two if they are pulled or get wet. 

How It Works

Paper towels are made from paper, meaning that they can tear easily, are not washable, and are much less safe for the environment, as trees do not grow back after being chopped down. But Bambooee is made from bamboo, harvested organically and in the greenest ways possible. Unlike paper, bamboo sheets can be washed multiple times. Bamboo is also stronger than paper, so it will not tear in two if you try to rip it. Also, the company tries to be even greener by planting a tree for every roll that consumers buy. So far tens of thousands of trees have been planted.

Why You Need It

Paper towels are essential for any household. Avoiding spills is impossible, they can be used to clean surfaces, and they can even be used to cook with. But paper towels can be expensive, and every household uses one to two rolls a week. Bambooee, however, can be used multiple times, hundreds of times, in fact. By cutting almost all of your paper towel expenses, you can save a lot of money, which anyone wants to do, and be friendlier to the environment while doing so. It’s a win-win for everyone.


  • Unlike paper towels, these are harvested organically, from plants that regrow after a while. 
  • Every roll has 20 sheets that can be washed hundreds of times. That means that it will save hundreds of rolls and last up to five and a half years, saving you a lot of money.
  • They can be bleached, meaning that pesky stains will come off.
  • They are extremely durable, unlike paper towels that break in two after just a slight tug.
  • Every time a roll is bought, the company plants a tree, keeping true to their promise of being green. More trees means more oxygen, and more paper as well for the paper towel buyers.


  • Bambooee is yet to biodegradable, although the company is trying to make a roll that can degrade after being used.


This is a product that can appeal to anyone. Any clean home needs some form of paper towels, and this saves you hundreds of rolls, hundreds of dollars, and can be used again and again. As such, it is highly useful, and you’ll feel better knowing that you’re making a difference buy helping to plant and save trees. It is high;y recommended to anyone who spills things. 

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