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Aqua Stream

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Aqua Stream™ is a super light weight, kink free and all weather hose. It is 50 feet in length, but weighs under 3 lbs. It requires no heavy lifting and can reach 2nd floor windows with ease, making it ideal for seniors and people with back problems. It is also designed to be tangle free so you can maneuver anywhere, making your garden or yard work a breeze. Its outer webbed covering and layered expandable inner hose makes it tough and durable. Aqua Stream™ is freeze resistant and self draining, allowing you to use it outdoors, even on a freezing -10°.

The Claim

The magic of Aqua Stream™ is the way it expands as you turn the water on. Its polyurethane material stretches the whole hose diameter as water flows through it. When the flow of water stops, the hose shrinks and flattens. This forces the water out, making the hose self-draining. Aqua Stream™ comes in a clear material that allows sunlight to penetrate inside and help control the bacteria, thus making it perfect for drinking water. It also has an ultra flat design for neat and easy storage, that allows you to roll it up easily on wall mounted reels or portable carts. It is best for for gardens, RVs and boats.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Aqua Stream is $19.95 plus $6.95 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Aqua Stream by paying the extra shipping fee of $6.95 for a total price of $33.85.
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How It Works

The Big Boss Aqua Stream is a powerful garden hose that expands when exposed to water pressure, and contracts when the pressure stops. As water begins to flow through the hose, its polyurethane gradually stretches until it reaches its maximum diameter: three quarters of an inch. If you stop filling the hose with water, it will automatically begin to contract and drain itself. While it’s contracting, it will roll itself back into a circular shape, allowing for easy storage in a fairly small space. You are also able to roll it around a mounted reel or around a portable cart’s reel with ease.


  1. Garden And Yard Work
  2. The Aqua Stream can be used for virtually any job you need to complete in your garden or yard. Its stream is powerful enough to reach and clean second-floor windows and siding, but is not too powerful to water plants.

  3. Filling Hot Tub
  4. Whether you’re using your hot tub in the summer, winter, fall, or spring, the Aqua Stream can effectively fill it, unless the temperature outside is below minus 10 degrees.

  5. Washing Car
  6. You can use the Aqua Stream hose to wash your car or another vehicle during any season, outside temperature permitting. It is especially beneficial for removing winter salt off a vehicle.

  7. Flooding Backyard Rink
  8. Due to the fact that it can be used in some winter weather, this hose makes an effective device to flood a backyard skating rink with.

  9. Boat And Rv Trips
  10. Since the Aqua Stream can be stored in small spaces, it is ideal to take on trips in your boat or RV, as these vehicles often have limited space.

Positive Points

  • Lightweight
  • Even though it is long, the Aqua Stream hose is light compared to many types of garden hoses. The 25-foot variety weighs less than two pounds, and the 50-foot variety weighs less than three. Therefore, it is good for seniors who have lost some strength, or people with back problems who aren’t supposed to do a lot of heavy lifting.

  • Three Different Lengths
  • The Aqua Stream hose comes in 25,50, and 75-foot lengths, so you can choose the length that best suits your needs.

  • Resists Tangles And Kinks
  • This hose resists tangles and kinks, so it is easy to pull around your yard and easy to roll up.

  • Clear Coating
  • The Aqua Stream’s clear coating allows it to absorb the sun’s rays, which help with bacteria control. That means if you do drink from this hose, you are unlikely to experience any harm.

  • Freeze Resistant
  • The hose resists freezing by draining any water inside when its water supply is halted, so if you don’t use it at temperatures below minus 10, it should not freeze.

  • Strong Brass Fittings
  • The polyurethane hose has been made with fittings of solid brass, which are less likely to break than plastic ones.


On the infomercial, a person is shown bending and twisting the Aqua Stream hose on purpose, but it still doesn’t break. A small child is also shown lifting one of these hoses, demonstrating just how light it is.


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