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Airtouch Brush

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The Air Touch Brush is a wonderful set of makeup application brushes with a popular oval design and a flexible handle. These features are meant to provide a streak free application where no part of the face suffers from too much or too little blending and contouring. The brushes are many shapes, so they can be used for all of your makeup application needs. What's more, they work with powders, creams, liquids, blushes, and more.

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The cost of Airtouch Brush is $29.99 plus $4.99 shipping, for a total price of $34.98.
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  • Compatible

    Compatible with any brand of foundation, powder, blush, cream, or anything else. .

  • Densely Packed

    Densely packed fine fibers which provide the flawless, streak-free coverage.

  • Oval Surface

    Oval surface to apply makeup easily and blend makeup seamlessly.

  • Flexible Handle

    Flexible tilted handle allows users to precisely apply makeup in a stable way.

  • Many Uses

    The creams, foundations, powders, fluid moisturizers, and more are all beautifully crafted onto the face, no matter how delicate the skin.

    When cleaning after, there is no skin irritation.


  • Recommended Product

    Air Touch brushes are a great way to apply, contour, and blend all makeup with professional grade precision. The finished product is a flawless, smooth appearance.

    You can get the same professional, air brushed look on your face when you blend your makeup at home.
    The design boasts special bristles which provide the even application.
    Makeup will sit on top of the packed bristles rather than falling deep inside of them, where it ends up wasted and not used. This means you allegedly don’t lose a single drop. Users can rely on their favorite makeup creams, liquids, or powders and apply without issue. .


  • Long Term Not Guaranteed

    Due to the fact that the bristles are individual bristles, no matter how densely packed, eventually they might wear out or lose their shape. When this happens, the bristles will start to crease naturally to one side or the other, no longer retaining the perfect oval shape. If this takes place, then the claims for the smooth and streak-free application will no longer apply. However, these particular brushes are a relatively new design so long term use has yet to be thoroughly evaluated.

How it's Different from Competitors

This set of brushes differs from competitors insofar as it consists of densely packed bristles, not soft foam ovals. That said, it also serves a multitude of applications.

It can be used for applying foundation in powder form, liquid form, or cream form to a large area of your face.

You can use it to blend the colors and creams.

Countering is done seamlessly, blending bronzers or highlighting powders.

Detailing is easy and blended perfect. Each shade comes out just as you want it. This makes it great for applying concealer and then contouring it on your face.

Your eyes can be sculpted and filled with the right contouring in even the smallest of areas.

Finishing touches will set powder to your body, neck, face, or décolletage.

In any of these steps, consumers claim that there are no streaks, no lines, only the finished airbrushed appearance.

The brushes themselves are dense and smooth such that makeup will glide on smoothly, without flaws. .

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Pick Your Brush

    Select your choice of makeup product and brush.

  2. Apply Your Makeup

    Start applying the makeup from the center of your face.

  3. Brush Across the Face

    Use the push and pull motion to gently glide the brush across your skin’s surface to blend everything together.

  4. Smooth it Out

    Finish by blending the finished design with light, circular motions.


  • Sunyear

    Sunyear makes a professional oval makeup brush set that works contouring creams, powders, and blushes on the face or eyebrows. Said toothbrush inspired designs are soft and they have the same luxurious feel that is purportedly included in the other brushes. Its brush head runs along a circular surface arc so that it matches the natural angles of the face, which is what gives you an even finish.
    Unique bristles on this design are crafted from synthetic fiber hair which will hold powder, cream, or concealer and provide the flawless application sans streaks.

    Designs like this also ensure there are no places on the face where too much or too little makeup lies. Compatible with any makeup type, these brushes have a flexible and titled handle the same as air touch to make it easier to effortlessly apply any moisturizers, primers, fluids, creams, or makeup.

    As such, the brushes can be used to deeply clean the pores after makeup has been removed, in the same even and easy application as the makeup. You can just take a clean brush and fill it with your favorite face cleanser, then apply it in the same even circular motions.

    Comfortable to the touch, these brushes are suited for any skin type, even the most sensitive. The set of ten brushes that come standard with this kit meet all beauty needs. There are three brushes in various sizes for foundations, three for contouring the forehead and the cheekbones, two for concealer. What’s more, there are two for eye shadow, two for sculpting the eyebrows, and two that can be used on the lips. .

  • Beauty Kate

    Beauty Kate is another set of ten professional brushes that take the oval form, perfect for foundations, blending, powders, eyeliners, face cleansers, and more. Brushes are made from fiber materials that are soft to the touch and found. Compatible with any type of foundation, blush, concealer, powder, or cream, they have a special oval shape that fits too to the curves of the face. With the arc shaped handle, the flexible design can bend ninety degrees so that it easily covers any part of the face.

  • Unimeix

    Unimeix has a professional set similar to the others, which have a range of items fit for contouring, applying, blending, and designing. Claims from consumers purport that use of these brushes make it easy to apply foundation and cream.

    They also work well used with primers, fluids, powders, or other creams. Application in an even and professional finish can take no more than ten seconds according to users. Finished results are fresh and beautiful. Brushes are crafted from synthetic fibers too which leave them soft to the touch and prevent them from shedding. The oval shape allows them to perfectly hold powder. Soft to the touch, the full set is diverse insofar as they are varied in size and application.

    Some of the smaller brushes are intended for use on the eyebrows, on the lips, or even for blending. Medium sized designs can be used for blending, applying foundation, contouring or highlighting the cheekbones in particular, or for applying things like eye shadow. Bigger brushes are reserved for powders, concealers, foundations, and blush application and blending.


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