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Air Hawk

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Air Hawk is a handheld air compressor that has a digital pressure gauge with an LED screen so that you know when to stop. What’s more, it boasts an auto stop feature that prevents you from over filling anything. Portable and handheld, this unit can be recharged in a car, stored in a drawer, and used to fill anything from toys to sporting goods to tires. No longer will you have to deal with giant air compressors or gas station refills.

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The cost of Air Hawk is $39.95 plus $14.95 shipping, for a total price of $54.9.
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  • Compact and Portable

    Designed to be portable and compact, this unit is so small that you can store it in your car, in a drawer at home, or in a cabinet.

  • Rechargeable

    The unit can be recharged using the rechargeable battery or the AC charger. AC charging means you can find yourself stranded and in need of a refill, and just charge it in your car until you are ready. What’s more, there is a 12V cable adaptor so that if you need the unit for continuous use, you can use it without issue. .

  • New Technology

    Said device uses powerful air compressor technology that makes it a theoretically better device than alternatives.

  • Pin Attachments and 3 Nozzles

    There are pin attachments included for easy use. You can use it to inflate things like tires, sporting equipment, bike tires, air mattresses, air filled toys, and more.


  • Led Readings

    The readings on this unit have a digital LED pressure gauge so you do not have to concern yourself without overfilling anything. It will in fact automatically shut off right at the correct pressure for anything you are filling.

  • Light

    Even if you are stuck in the dark with a tire low on air, or you find yourself in the middle of the night trying to add air to something else, you are in luck. The built in LED light gives you bright lighting when and where you need it. LED bulbs are brighter than other bulbs and they last longer, so you will not have to worry about replacing them any time soon.

  • Handheld

    The cordless nature of this handheld air compressor makes it decidedly easier to use and manipulate. When air goes out in things like tires, there is no way to really control where the value lands.

    Values located upside down or on the bottom of the tire can create quite a hassle when you are trying to use an air pump with a large handle. Problems are also created when you are using a spray can that pumps best when right side up, but won’t fit where you need it right side up. That said, the lack of cords mean there will never be this problem again.

    Ideally, the handheld nature means you can turn it upside down, off to the side, or sneak it into smaller spaces before prohibited by larger compressors. You can also control the air without making a mess.

How it's Different from Competitors

The Air Hawk is different from its competitors insofar as it is primarily cordless. While it can be plugged in and used to refill with regular power, if you do not need the cord, you do not have to use it. Handheld means it is smaller and more easily transported than a large air compressor stored at home. It also means you do not have to stop at a gas station to add air to your tires; you can just keep the product in your car and refill as you need.

Compared to air pressure cans, this unit can be recharged, and it does not create a mess.


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