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Air Dragon

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The Air Dragon is a handheld air compressor whose design is intended to help consumers fill up the air pressure in their tires or keep their tires afloat in the event of holes. It plugs directly into the car and with its flexible hose, can be used to refill each tire all the way around the car. What's more, it can be used to refill other items too like bike tires while on the go, or balls while playing a game.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Air Dragon is $39.99 plus $9.99 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Air Dragon at the discounted price of only $19.99 for a total price of $69.97.
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Special Offer

Buy 1 Get 1 Discounted



  • Compression

    Air Dragon functions as a handheld tire inflator. This product boasts of having powerful micro compression which gives consumers peace of mind while they are on the road, never fearful that they will need to call expensive roadside assistance.

  • Plug in

    This compressor plugs into the 12V outlet inside of a car and fills up your tires where ever you might be. Due to this fact, the manufacturers have claimed that it is the fastest and easier way to keep your tires full.

  • Ergonomic Handle

    It has an ergonomic handle which makes it comfortable to hold.

  • Easily Read Gauge

    The gauge indicating tire pressure is easy to read.

  • Flexible Hose

    The pressure hose is flexible and therefore can be easily maneuvered around the car as you reach each tire.
    Said company maintains that use of this product helps you to inflate your tires with confidence.

  • Stored in the Car

    The size is small enough that it can be stored inside of a glove compartment or in your trunk. This ensures that if ever there are tire incidents on the road, you can easily reach the Air Dragon and fill up.
    It can be used to top off your tires on a long road trip, or buy yourself time before you can get a replacement.


  • Cost

    The cost of this device is forty dollars with another ten in shipping. However, if you want to purchase two of them, you have to pay that and an additional twenty in shipping.

  • Adapter Kit

    When you order this tool, you also get the home adapter kit. This makes it possible to use this product to refill almost anything around your home including the tires on your bicycles, tires on your strollers, sports balls, or pool parts.


  • Refund Means Losses

    There is a thirty day refund policy which does not include the shipping and handling. This means that if you bought two of the compressors and want to return them, you lose ten dollars for the first shipping with another twenty for the second shipping.

  • Fraudulent Company Charges

    This product is manufactured by Telebrands, which is one of the longest running as seen on tv brand names out there. However, in spite of a long reputation for many items sold, this company has a bad reputation among consumers for bad customer service. Moreover, it has a reputation for poor quality items , and things which fail to work as they were advertised. What’s more, recently Telebrands settled a lawsuit for violating the Consumer Fraud Act. While they did not admit to wrongdoing, they did settle for paying New Jersey Attorney General five hundred and fifty thousand dollars. In all honesty, companies do not settle for fraud cases to the tune of such a high fine unless they know they did something wrong. They do not settle for that high a fine unless they know there is evidence to prove it, and they don’t want to go before a jury where that information would be publically exposed. Telebrands has a C- BBB rating, and as of 2016 they have 955 closed complaints which relate to the fraud charges mentioned above. In reality, even if the compressor is decent, there are just as many decent alternatives out there. What's more, these alternatives are not manufactured by a company with such a poor performance record or such serious allegations of fraud lodged against them. It might be well worth it to invest in an alternative compressor if you are conscientious of unethical behavior and don’t seek to reward it with your monetary purchases.

How It Works

Traditionally, air compressors like the Air Dragon work by way of using a piston. This piston draws air into the chamber. The air inside is then routed inside a holding tank. With more air routed to this holder tank, more pressure builds up inside. As soon as the pressure inside is high enough, it can be used to inflate your tires. This product lacks the traditional holding tank, and instead works by drawing outside air in to itself and routing that air through the flexible hose into the car tires.

How it's Different from Competitors

There are many other handheld tire inflators out there, all of which function the same way but are not identical. Two of the key differences between this particular brand and other brands is the amount of power it has to offer and the price.

Most handheld inflators use interchangeable battery packs to give them power. This means they can be used in a cordless fashion. Cordless options like this are similar to the way handheld drills have separate rechargeable battery backs that attach to the bottom to give them power. With battery packs users get 19 volts of power, which is the same as 200 psi. The Air Dragon has a 12V battery attached to a cord, which you plug into your car’s cigarette adaptor. Resulting claims state that it will give users 30 PSI in about one and a half minutes.

Pricing for the Air Dragon is slightly less than other handheld air compressors out there, and if you opt to invest in the buy one, get one free option it is considerably better in price.

Save Money

The cost of the Air Dragon is much less compared to regular roadside assistance programs that charges you on a monthly basis or charge a one-time tire fill up fee. That said, the costs saved by avoiding roadside assistance or traveling to a local gas station to try and add air outweigh the cost of this product. Of course, if your tire is so punctured that it won’t even hold air, then this item will not help you. Instead you will need to change the tire.
With the extension pack that you receive with your purchase, you also save money on other pumps that you would need around the house like a bike pump or ball pump. Instead you can use one product for all of these actions.

Save Time

If you find yourself in a roadside, tire emergency, calling for roadside assistance or taking your car to the nearest gas station with air pump can be time consuming. Instead, having this tool in your car makes it simple and fast to read the tires, make sure there are no holes, and then fill up. If you do have a hole in your tire, this tool can be safely used to regularly refill until you are able to get your tire replaced. This saves you time when you need it the most.


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