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Aero Knife Set

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Aero Knife set is a set of knives that are light as air yet cuts like a razor. They are easy to handle because they are very light and they deliver precision cuts without crushing or damaging the food.

The Claim

Aero Knife has holes and these results to 60% less surface area compared to ordinary knives. The less surface area means less friction. With Aero Knife, there’s no need for force, strength and pressure. It cuts twice as smooth and food slides right off because they do not stick to the knife. Aero Knife’s blades are laser-cut, force-standard steel that are very tough and sharp. It can handle tough cutting jobs with ease and works great with delicate slices, too.

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The cost of Aero Knife Set is $39.99 plus $4.99 shipping for a total price of $44.98.
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What is it?

The Aero Knife is an innovative, razor-sharp kitchen knife with an aerodynamic design that slices right through anything. Unlike other knives, food does not stick to the Aero Knife when it makes its cuts because of its revolutionary blade. This amazing kitchen knife was invented by Ming Tsai, a professional TV chef.

How does it work?

The Aero Knife is incredibly lightweight and aerodynamically designed with 60% less surface area than other knives. It is thanks to this unique construction that creates less friction and prevents food from sticking to the knife while it cuts. It will slice through anything, no matter how tough or soft it is. The Aero Knife will stay sharp for life and will be more efficient than any other knife in the kitchen.

Why buy it?

This incredible do-it-all knife is perfect for any homeowner who frequently cooks. The Aero Knife can slice through virtually anything; including tough cheese, hard or fatty meat, and more. No food is too hard or soft for Aero Knife. And slicing through food is effortless because Aero Knife is constructed differently than other kitchen knives. It has 60% less surface area and is purposely designed with holes, which makes it nearly impossible for food to stick to it. Additionally, the Aero Knife is lightweight, razor-sharp, and easy for anyone to use. The Aero Knife cuts cooking prep time in half and makes it a simple process. Users will notice a definitive change with Aero Knife and will never need to buy another prep knife again.

What makes it better than other knives?

The Aero Knife is built for complete convenience. The blade stays sharp 24/7 and never becomes dull; plus it has no problems cutting through even the toughest foods. Other prep and kitchen knives often lose their sharpness and can’t cut through certain foods. Traditional knives aren’t aerodynamically designed like Aero Knife, so foods frequently stick to them while cutting. This is a huge pain and can also add prep time to the cooking process. With Aero Knife, users can finish their prep time quickly and not have to deal with foods sticking to the blade.


The benefits of this revolutionary prep knife are endless. Here are just a few:

  • It’s amazingly sharp and can cut through anything without a problem
  • The blade is aerodynamically designed with holes and 60% less surface area for less friction. This means that food won’t stick to the knife while cutting
  • The Aero Knife has the potential to greatly reduce prep time and make the cooking process much quicker and easier
  • It was invented by a famous television chef, so it can be trusted to work


Anyone who cooks or prepares food frequently will appreciate the convenience of owning an Aero Knife. It is built to slice through food effortlessly and make the prepping and cooking process a quick and easy one. The Aero Knife will be the last kitchen knife ever bought, and there is no reason not to purchase one today!


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