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Aero Knife

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Aero Knife is the new lightweight, razor-sharp non-stick kitchen knife that can cut anything smoothly without sticking. It is designed with holes creating less surface area for less friction.

The Claim

The Aero Knife infomercial claims that Aero Knife is an impressively lightweight, ultra sharp kitchen knife that can cut through anything without trouble. It’s light as air, cuts like a razor while preventing food from sticking to the surface. It is especially designed to have holes thus 60% less surface area which means that there’s less friction when cutting. Aero Knife cuts twice as smooth. When cutting cheese with an ordinary knife, the cheese sticks to the blade and you have to push the knife hard. With Aero Knife, no force, strength or pressure needed because the cheese will slice right off. The blade is laser cut for stainless steel. It is tough enough to cut a 2x4 wood and sharp enough to cut a tomato. For cutting poultry meat, using the Aero Knife will give you a clean and smooth cut every time. Ordinary knife will crush boiled potato and it sticks to the blade making a huge mess. With Aero Knife, everything is smooth and clean. It can even cut meat in a breeze without sticking.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Aero Knife is $10.00 plus $7.99 shipping. The special TV offer allows a free gift which you will receive by paying the extra shipping fee of $6.99 for a total price of $24.98.
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Aero Knife

What is Aero Knife?

A good knife is the best thing that anyone can have in a kitchen. A great sharp knife is a prized possession of any chef. A good knife does not stick to the food or the cutting board while cutting and is very easy to use and extremely works well. The Aero Knife is one such knife that is designed in such a way that it cuts through any vegetables, fruits or meat like butter and in one clean movement.

How does it work?

The Aero Knife works just the way as any other knife works and is very lightweight. The Aero Knife cuts two times more smoothly than any regular knife that is available in the market. The design of he Aero Knife is such that it does not stick to the food that is being cut. It makes a clean cut through meat and vegetables and is very easy to use as well.


The Aero Knife is packed with features that would surpass the performance of any other regular knife that is out there.

- Non-stick Knife

- Aero Holes

- Reduced Cooking Time

- Carves

- Dices

- Cuts

- Aerodynamic Design

The amazing aerodynamic design creates very little friction when cutting anything and does therefore, does not let food stick. Every cut with the Aero Knife is a clean cut.


There are several advantages to using the Aero Knife when compared to using other knives. Using the Aero Knife for preparations drastically reduces cooking time. Even while slicing bread, a clean cut through to the base of the bread loaf is very difficult to achieve with a regular knife. With the Aero Knife, cutting through even loaves of bread is easy and clean. It cuts bread so well that there are no crumbs that are spilt as well.


The Aero Knife can be used to cut through all fruits and vegetables or even meat. Whether it is cutting, dicing, carving or chopping, a clean cut is what will be achieved with the Aero Knife. If there is any knife that can reduce cooking time it is the Aero Knife. There would never be a need to buy any other knife once the Aero Knife is bought.

Easy to use

Aero Knife is easy to use and is very sharp. The Aero Knife can be sharpened as well if needed after a lot of usage. It cuts through anything like butter without even crumbling the fruit or vegetable. Cutting boiled potatoes are quite a task as the knife usually gets stuck to the potato and the skin does not come off easily. Cutting a boiled potato with the Aero Knife is easy as the knife is built to reduce the surface area by 60% therefore making a clean cut through. The Aero Knife is easy to handle and is very light in weight as well.

Save time and money

There is no need to buy a knife every again once Aero Knife is bought. Expensive knives that are available in the market do not have the design that the Aero Knife has to compliment the performance that it offers. The time spent cutting vegetables and meat while cooking is faster because of the less effort, strength and pressure that are used while handling the light weighing Aero Knife.

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