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Ab Doer 360

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Ab Doer 360 is allegedly a total body transformation unit that comes with a quick start guide, nutritional guide, motivational calendar, instructional DVD, and the complete workout program. When you use this tool you can activate more muscles, get your muscles massaged while you work out, target your core, and enjoy a combination fat burning with muscle toning. You get to build muscles and burn calories. Over three million people have apparently used this at-home unit, which speaks highly to its popularity.

Unfortunately the Ab Doer 360 is not found on Amazon's Best Sellers for Core & Abdominal Trainers.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Ab Doer 360 is $214.75 and the shipping is FREE! Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page:
78 Visitors rate it 3.3 Stars

Ab Doer 360 Infomercial


  • For Everyone

    The unit is designed to fit all ages, sizes, weights, and fitness levels. With a compact design, anyone can use it and take it on the go.

  • Comfortable Unit

    There is a dynamic fluidity seat, a comfort groove in said seat, the abductor grip, and a dual foam roller system. Ergonomically advanced designs give support to the core, back, and spin in all of the directions so that you maintain healthy posture while using the unit. Contouring arm bars let you enjoy body alignment while reducing compression on the back, neck, and spine.


  • Read the Fine Print

    The advertisement shows people who have achieved real results, with the classic before and after pictures. Be advised that as mentioned in the fine print, these people only achieved these results by using the AbDoer Twist in conjunction with a restricted caloric diet. That said, the company makes it clear that using the Ab Doer 360 will bring varying results. In the fine print it states that participants who achieved published results were on an eight week long program during which time they lost an average of twelve pounds. Twelve pounds were lost using the special diet and the workouts.

  • See the Warnings

    The company states that no information about their product is meant as a substitute for advice from your doctor. Additionally, it is only intended to be used by healthy people as part of a general program for improving their body appearance.

    This first part is important to note, “only healthy individuals” which means that people who are not already healthy should not use this unit and should instead turn to assistance from a doctor.

How it's Different from Competitors

This unit is different from other at-home exercise machines insofar as it uses what is called “abdobics”, which claims to be a scientifically designed way to burn calories and build muscle fast. John Abdo, the creator, combines ab toning, muscle shaping, and cardiovascular exercises. Using multi-directional technology you get to target the muscles around the core, improve flexibility, all while alleviating back discomfort often associated with seated position exercises.

Does It Really Work?

Ab Doer 360 does not really work to the degree you might think. It will help you strengthen your core, but it won’t be the magical fix-all that gives you abs. In fact, if you are not already healthy and on a special low-fat muscle building diet, you won’t see the results very well. This unit alone will not give you sculpted six packs, remove your belly fat, or get a perfect body. All it does it train your abdominal muscles to a minimal degree.

Reason being, this unit does not burn off fat from your stomach. No ab machine will. Sadly, the only way to burn off your stomach is to reduce your calories so that your body is forced to burn the stored fat for energy. For this reason, the company’s advertisement stress in the fine print that the people who achieved results were on a reduced calorie diet. Secondly, your stomach is the last place for fat to burn. Therefore, if you have almost any amount of fat on your stomach, you won’t see your abs no matter how strong they are.

Again, this machine only strengthens the ab muscles below the fat layers, it does not burn the fat. That said, it isn’t even better for you than normal crunches on your living room floor. You will get the same minimal core workout without seeing results. However, you should still definitely workout your core and the rest of your body, just in different ways and not with a machine alone. .

Tips & Tricks

  1. Start Slowly With Exercise

    If you are new to the idea of exercising, and going to the gym is just too intimidating at the moment, then there are ways you can get a core workout at home. Do just twenty minutes per day, during a lunch break or something, but right before you eat. Doing so will help even more with those weight loss efforts because after exercising, your metabolism will be faster than it was before.

    This means that more calories from your food will be used for energy, and the amount stored as fat will be reduced. For this reason, after exercise is one of the best times to eat.

    As your body becomes accustomed to this level of exercise, pick it up even more by increasing the time or intensity of the core workout. .

Alternative Exercises

  1. Core Exercises

    Core exercises are still good for you and you should do them. Sit ups, twists, core yoga, and other things will still improve the strength of your muscles while you work to reduce the fat.

  2. Warm Ups

    Regardless of whether you are new to exercise or not, you absolutely must warm up before you begin the main part of your workout routine. Taking five minutes to prepare your body for exercise is absolutely essential, every time, so don’t ever be tempted to skip this part.

    The warm up helps to prevent injury such as muscle strain, by slowly increasing the amount of work that is being done, rather than shocking the system by jumping straight into a high intensity routine. A brisk walk, or moving through the motions of your normal routine at a slower pace, would be suitable.

  3. Stretches

    Once you have done your initial warm up, stop and stretch. Stretching increases your flexibility, while also ensuring that blood is flowing through your muscles properly. Having a good blood supply in the muscles while you exercise will help to prevent cramps, meaning that you can continue for longer before getting tired and sore.

  4. Cool Downs

    After your workout, you should do a brief cool down. Again, five minutes will be long enough. An activity similar to that of your warm up will be suitable, for example, a walk. This time, however, instead of picking up your pace as you go through the time, you should slow down.

    You will help your muscles to relax and return to their usual level of activity. It is best for you to repeat your stretching sequence. Doing so is particularly important after you have exercised. Activity can cause your muscles to shorten, and you will notice this if they feel tighter than usual. Stretching lengthens the muscle fibres again, helping to restore them to their usual position, which will mean that you ache less the following day.

#1 Alternative Video Review

Wise Advice

Do not buy Ab Doer 360 online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

Wise Advice

Do not buy Ab Doer 360 online before searching Amazon.
- Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.

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Bob - (Pittsburgh, PA)
Reviewed on: 22 Feb 2017
I Recommend Buying it!

Great Product

Really easy to use. Good results.

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Linda - (Southfield, MI)
Reviewed on: 09 Feb 2017
I Regret Buying it!

0 Stars

Their customer service is awful. I ordered this 4 weeks ago and I still don't have it. I emailed with no response so I called. The girl on the phone 'thought' some more came in as they were out of shipment. She couldn't tell me when it would be shipped. And I am still waiting. No communication from them at all. But of course, they charged my credit card they day after I ordered it. I'm sure they do not see these reviews!

5 of 5 people found this review helpful.

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