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35 Below Socks

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35 Below Socks are socks designed to keep your feet warm all the time. They are a new sock design, one which uses aerospace fabric to reflect heat and reduce moisture. This means that the socks trap heat while you wear them. The result is that your feet stay dry, warm, and comfortable. Made out of aluminized threads, these socks are quite comfortable and breathable. While wearing them the sweating in your feet is reduced, which reduces moisture and stains.

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The cost of 35 Below Socks is $19.99 and the shipping is FREE!
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  • Two Colors

    You can find them in black or white, though the white appears to be more of a grey shade.

  • Soft

    These socks are soft to the touch even with the aluminized threads.

  • Thin

    They are thin enough that you can wear them beneath your regular socks if you want or just on their own.

  • Machine Washable

    You can put them in the washing machine when you are done, and even in the dryer.

  • Good for All

    They can be worn by men, women, and children.


  • Good Price

    When you place an order you get three pairs for twenty dollars and free shipping. Given how much advanced wicking or sports socks costs, even compared to winter socks, this is incredibly well priced.

  • Indoor or Outdoor Use

    You can wear the socks while out and about for daily activities, inside your home, going for a walk or run, or even shoveling snow. They are designed for indoor or outdoor wear.

  • Many Sizes

    The socks are unisex, perfect for men or women. What’s more, the company has both male and female sizes in small, medium, and large.

  • Thin

    The 35 Below Socks are thinner than ordinary socks.

  • Good Reviews

    Customer reviews are positive with satisfaction across the board. Feedback is very positive.

How It Works

These socks use aerospace fabric technology. 35 Below Socks are socks designed to ensure feet remain warm at all times by using aerospace fabric to reflect heat and reduce moisture. While wearing them, they maintain a constant temperature so no fluctuations are felt. Said socks trap heat better than standard socks, so during the winter months they are significantly warmer and more comfortable to wear. They might be thin but when you put them on, they feel quite thick and warm. If insufficient, they can be worn under your normal socks to increase heat.

Made from super soft aluminized threads, these threads are naturally woven into the breathable nylon knit fabric. It is the combination which reflects your body heat naturally and minimizes sweating in the feet. In doing so, the socks naturally minimize moisture and allow the feet to remain warm, dry, and comfortable. .


  • 35 Below Arctic Socks

    Hampton Direct sells a competing sock called 35 Below Arctic socks. You can find these on places like Amazon for eight dollars per pair, but five in shipping. They are purportedly comfortable and designed with a unique weave for added durability and warmth. These socks are cultivated out of a soft bled of nylon, acrylic, and merino wool which is what gives them their comfort.

    As traditional crew style socks, they work well under boots. You can rest assured that the contoured heel and toe will prevent bunching or slipping inside of your shoes. The biggest difference here is that these socks are much thicker by comparison and cannot be worn underneath regular socks.

  • Sorbtek Socks

    Dickies has sets of Sorbtek Moisture Control and wicking socks similar to the 35 socks. These socks to come with the reinforced heel and the reinforced toe for extra durability. With special ventilation channels, air circulation and moisture control are regulated. Additionally, there is arch compression designed to add support and stability to the foot. Using special sorbtek technology, the socks naturally wick moisture which keeps feet cool and dry against things like sweat. Stains are limited too, from things like grass or dirt.

    Similarly, these socks are machine washable and a mixture of multiple materials, only in this case it is rubber, spandex, and polyester. Limited in color and size, these socks have free returns should something be wrong with them and only cost eight dollars per pair, which is more or less the same as the 35 versions.

  • Hk Series

    Thirty48 has the HK Series of thermal crew socks which utilize an anti-bacterial and anti-odor cushion. You can order a pack of three for as little as sixteen dollars, but the price does reach forty five dollars depending on the color scheme you order.

    These socks are intended for hiking, camping, snowboarding or skiing, running, or winter sports. Users can enjoy minimized friction and support for the arch of the foot which purportedly makes it more comfortable to be active. The blend of fabric contains twelve percent anti-bacterial wicking with nylon and acrylic wool to resist bacteria colonization. Avoiding the collection of bacteria in the socks reduces odors and foot infections. Said socks are cushioned and breathable with abrasion protection for aching muscles.

    Fabric designed to maintain airflow ensures feet stay dry, perfect for those who are exploring the outdoors or who are always on their feet. There is a money back guarantee on these which covers users for the first ninety days. If they are not entirely satisfied, a refund can be given.


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Buggy - (Spokane, WA)
Reviewed on: 03 Dec 2016
I Regret Buying it!

Don't Work

Tried today in 40+ and had very cold toes, came in warmed up toes and put another pair of socks over, didn't work. 2.5 hours later came in with cold toes. I have pernio and my toes freeze easily, 4 weeks of pain minimum and it seems to only take about 60 seconds for my toes to freeze so I wanted something thinner so my sore and swollen toes would have more room, these are a waste of $ only the peel and stick toe warmers really work.

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